• Classrooms

      Educational programs rich with opportunities for incidental learning.

    • Team Members

      Dedicated Team Members working help children learn and find success.

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      Satisfaction Goal

      We are committed to our families and their children’s education.

    • Programs Offered

      We serve students from 2 to 12 years old through various program options.

  • Welcome to Crossroads Center for Children

    ABA Therapy Clinic, Early Intervention, Daycare, Nursery School, Preschool, School Age Programs
  • We have been educating children since 1998. Our goal is to create a place that engages each child.

    Crossroads prides itself on the following:

    • Daily reporting on individual performance
    • Educational field trips and school presentations
    • Individual attention in a small-class setting
    • Learning program with wrap around daycare
    • Thematic lesson planning
    • Positive learning environment for your child
    • Learning & Fun

      Through classrooms, therapy sessions, and child care, we want the kids to have fun!

    • Healthy Lives

      We provide structured exercise and our Healthy Food Program encourage students to try new, healthy foods.

    • Friendly Place

      Parents are encouraged to come in for team meetings and parent trainings.

    • Children Safety

      Crossroads maintains a locked facility at all times.

    1. Crossroads believes in the dignity and value of all students.

    2. Crossroads believes in each student’s right to receive the most appropriate and effective education available.

    3. Crossroads believes the most positive outcome for our students comes from the implementation of research and data-based teaching strategies.

    4. Crossroads believes in the team approach to educate our students, and that parents, students, teachers, school administration and community members are equally important to achieve positive student outcomes.

    Our Mission

    To prepare individuals with and without developmental disabilities for life success within their family and community.

    Our Philosophy

    Crossroads Center for Children utilizes interventions from the field of applied behavior analysis (ABA), a branch of psychology and education with a foundation based on scientific analysis of human behavior and learning.

    Our Vision

    Every student we serve will achieve a full and productive life.

    • We always felt very welcomed at Crossroads. It was comforting to know our daughter was safe, happy and cared for while we were at work. Thank you for everything you do for your students and families.

      Kim Woodrow
    • Noah is nearly independent in dressing and toileting and so much more. Hope is priceless and what others took away from us in an already devastating situation, Crossroads Center for Children teachers and administrators gave back two-fold.

      The Thompson Family
    • Crossroads has the most exceptional, caring, committed staff I’ve had the privilege and pleasure of knowing. I will always hold Crossroads staff in a very special place in my heart and I know “C” will never forget.

      Marion Harris
    • The wrap-around daycare is what we really needed to accommodate childcare and have reliable care while we were at work. It was highly recommended by friends of ours.

      Kim Woodrow
    • Our district recommended you and we were interested in ABA. Because of his diagnosis of autism, we needed a place for pre-K that could help with his needs. The communication with staff was great. All the therapies and special ed. really helped him gain so much. The entire staff was awesome and we couldn’t be happier. From touring to helping with questions and concerns, ‘A’ couldn’t have made so much progress without you guys.

      Kim Marinucci
    • I took a tour and knew it was for “C”. I enrolled him because of the ABA and watching staff work with the children. I knew I had no worries leaving “C” with this program. I want to thank all of the staff for all the help they have given to “C” and me. The time that “C” was here has made all the difference in the world to him and me.

      Marion Harris
    • He’s now in high school and doing well and all the parent training, support, and amazing staff are the reasons he’s where he is today.

      Sari Medick
    • Crossroads has been a lifeline for “C” and me. Always willing to help and coming up with a plan. They go above and beyond the norm.

      Marion Harris
    • Daily communication was wonderful! The healthy food program is a great idea!!

      Kim Woodrow
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