Wish List Thanks

September 13, 2017

 The generosity of our community is incredible!

Many thanks for this donation from our Wish List! Thank you, Jacqueline Shutt, for the donation of 2 awesome book shelves for Room 12! Book shelves are in demand in several places in the school right now, so the team in Room 12 was delighted to receive these. These will lend a giant hand to keeping the classroom organized. Thanks also to Mrs. Kerry for looking out for Crossroads!!

Our Wish List is updated each week. If you are cleaning out, we’d love it if you could check our list to see if there’s something we are in need of at Crossroads Center for Children! In-kind donations are a huge help to the school.  Thank you for your kind consideration.

Crossroads Center for Children’s WISH-LIST


Tee-rific THANKS!MULCH Appreciation!!