Who wants the toys your child is done with? (Donations can make a huge difference to little learners!!)

December 04, 2017

Weebles Wobble but they don’t fall down!

And, thanks to Rene Borst and others like her, neither do the children at Crossroads!

What to do with the toys you no longer need? Think “DONATIONS”!                      Crossroads Center for Children’s WISH-LIST

Outgrown toys, unused art supplies, matchbox cars and Barbies. There are so many cool items that your child has loved playing with, or never played with, and now that they are done, you find yourself wondering things like, “What do I can to make space in my house?” and “Where can I donate these children’s toys?” and “Who wants these Weebles?”

Off the Wish List!

Our wish list is generated by the people who work here, as a way to get items donated for their classrooms and therapy areas. Donations come from parents, staff members, and other kind, awesome folks from all over our community. Donations that are material rather than monetary are called “in kind” donations. Often, the items that people are done with – maybe they’ve outgrown them or no longer use them – are very useful here at the school since we have so very many different needs. People love to check our wish list and donate what they can!  Donated in kind items are received regularly and give our students all kinds of new opportunities for learning and positive reinforcement.

Remember, our students are children from as young as 2 years old all the way up to age 12. We have students with diverse needs and interests, and teachers and therapists who provide highly individualized programming for each and every child. This makes for a great many wishes! As a nonprofit, we can’t afford to buy everything that our kids want, which is where our wish list comes in!

Our wish list is updated each and every week based on the needs presented by the staff.  Maybe you’d like to help? Check here:  Crossroads Center for Children’s WISH-LIST

Room 7 had asked for WEEBLES, recently! You remember weebles, right? They wobble but they don’t fall down? Today, Rene Borst, one of our totally awesome MOMS, made wishes come true for Room 7 when she donated a whole cool Weebles building and weebles to wobble in it!

 Room 7 is an integrated preschool classroom, which means that children both with and without developmental disabilities learn and grow together. New students have recently enrolled in the school, as will be the case throughout the year. The 3 school aged classrooms, which serve children from 5 to 12 years old, also have wishes. Since the wish list is updated each week, you’ll want to remember to go to our DONATE page to find it next time:


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