What 2 young boys and their Dad did for us today will bring you joy.

July 27, 2017

When you get an email asking if you can use a pedal car, and you’re not sure what a pedal car even is, then you ask.

Here’s what it is, in case you also weren’t sure.

It’s pretty jazzy, right? Today we were totally delighted when our dear friend Pat Keough and his 2 sons, Brady and Gavin came over to donate it. These boys are so kind and thoughtful that when Dad suggested that they had outgrown it, they wanted to give it to the kids at Crossroads. They wanted to help us.

We certainly have a lot of youngsters here who love to be active and have fun, and this will be put to great use. It got taken for a test drive right away when we brought it to the gym, and the kids are going to love it.

Donations such as these give our students new opportunities, and expose them to different things than we would normally have. People like Brady, Gavin and Pat are making the world better through their kindness and we are so proud of them as well as thankful.









Check it out – we have many needs here!


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