We're LOVIN' it!

July 12, 2017

 We’re LOVING the generosity and benevolence of our community to make a difference in the lives of children!

This was a truly special morning at Crossroads! We are over the moon – or should it be “over the arches?” – with gratitude to Ronald McDonald House Charities for coming to our school today. They came to present a grant check to us for our iPad Program, and that in itself is cause to celebrate, but it gets even better. The group that came included some very kind and special people from RMHC: Jeff Yule, Executive Director, Meaghan Pinkowski, Grants Administrator, Kathie Reeher, Grant Committee Chair, Betty Taylor, Board Member, and Claire Murphy, RMHC Intern. Especially exiting was the chance to meet Ronald McDonald in person! Many of the children were able to shake his hand and get a sticker! We don’t get lots of opportunities to interact with such special visitors!!

But let’s stop for a minute – do you know the story that actually precedes the receiving of this grant?  We had applied for grants for our iPad program, and RMHC, after liking our grant proposal and project enough to pass it to the next round, next came for a site visit. During this visit we had an interview-style meeting and a tour with Gerard Wise, a member of the RMHC board. As we toured we were able to let Mr.Wise interact with our staff and students and truly understand the importance of the iPad program here. We were able to point out the many ways the program is impacting our students – in every classroom, in every service area – and our hopes for growing the program to enhance our services. As we walked around the school we were able to point out a number of individual skills students were working on using the iPads we already have – skills in language and communication, behavior management, math, science, literacy, handwriting, life skills, social interaction, and so on. He was able to see first-hand how we take data as the children work on those skills to measure and analyze their progress.

Then a month or two later we received the news! Our project was selected! Yay!! They were granting our request!!  But as if that wasn’t enough, they decided to cover our entire iPad budget for the new school year! Really that is mind-blowing! That is an incredible security and gratification in the knowledge that a) we have the funding needed to move forward with planning in this area, and b) we have the trust and blessing of such a remarkable organization as RMHC. This funding will allow us to purchase 8 iPads and put Prologue2Go on each one, expanding our program to meet new needs and provide a plethora of ways to address our students’ needs.

So today was the day that a group from RMHC came to Crossroads. Ronald McDonald interacted with the kids, who were joyful to see him. One little boy said, “I know you, you’re the Smile Guy!!” We had pictures and they presented us with a check and certificate. The certificate says we are partners! That is another thing that made today special and precious to us.

Upon learning that we were getting the grant, our school made cards and notified our families via teacher newsletters to send to RMHC. We also announced it on our website and social media and via a press release to many outlets. http://crossroadcenter.org/grant-news-3-3/  So today, as a thank you for this great help and for the special visit, what to give? How do you say thank you for so much? Chocolate chip cookies of course!! We gave them a large plate of home-made cookies to take back with them to enjoy, and know that we treasure their help and partnership with this project. Yes, we’re loving it!

We’ll soon add some pictures from this morning! In the mean time, please join us in thanking RMHC by sending them a note or email to let them know how much this means. https://www.rmhcofalbany.org/

THANK YOU SEFCU!!!Healthy Food Celebration!