"Want to PLAY?"

October 29, 2018

“Wanna play?”

Words everyone remembers from their childhood, when a peer runs up to you on the playground and asks if you’re in for a game or romp through the slides. Play is a basic element of childhood that many kids intrinsically grasp easily and naturally.

But not everyone knows how to play. Not naturally, not intrinsically, and not easily. Many kids, especially those with autism, need to be taught.

Play is a term that encompasses everything from dolls to toy trains, from Trouble to soccer, from house to superheros. Play builds skills in every area of life, from independence to interaction, from attending to transitioning, from people skills to school skills to job skills. Playing with a toy in its intended manner, interacting with others in ways that are positive, using one’s time in fun and healthy ways, engaging in new activities to build variety and interests…. so many things to learn! Yes, it’s an area that’s important enough to work on with children. So we do at Crossroads.

All of Crossroads Center for Children’s classrooms, whether preschool or school age, have toys, games and time set aside for the class to work on play skills. Some classrooms call it social skills, some call it play centers, but far more importantly than what they call it is that they are working on the play skills needed by the children in their room to develop and make progress. Classroom staff also address play and social skills during group times, such as Circle, Art, Music, Physical Education, and other activities which incorporate the large group.

Please enjoy the following pictures from a few of our classrooms during play times, and think about this:

Want to play?







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Learning to Play

Back to School Night – Wednesday, October 24, 5:30 – 7 pmPUMPKINS, jack o’lanterns, bats and boos – seasonal activities for sensory, art, science and more!