• Volunteer Program at Crossroads

    Kindergarten teacher reading to children in library At Crossroads Center for Children, we recognize that volunteers are an integral part of connecting our school to the community. We are grateful for the many parents, grandparents, and community members who offer their time to benefit our program. Volunteers help in many capacities here, such as serving on the Board of Trustees, conducting and helping with our fundraising efforts, and working on a myriad of special projects. 

    We are excited to be currently boosting our volunteer base to foster helping hands on a regular and ongoing basis. There are several current opportunities for volunteers, both in the classrooms and behind the scenes. In order to protect our body of students, staff and volunteers, we follow a structured process with our potential volunteers that adheres carefully to OCFS and NYSEd regulations, and helps us to develop a program that can best serve our students.

    With this in mind we are now offering volunteer orientation sessions, to provide information about current opportunities as well as about the school. These sessions are informational in nature, so that interested people can come in and learn about Crossroads Center for Children and what opportunities are currently available. Afterwards participants will apply for which position they are interested in, and follow an application process that includes providing recommendation letters, TB testing and a physical, fingerprinting and a background check. When all needed pieces are submitted and reviewed, volunteer applicants will be called for an interview to determine if there is a good fit, and decide on a placement, schedule and so on. It might sound like a lot, but most would agree that our children are worth every bit of effort!

    Did you know? There are many scientifically proven benefits of volunteering, including improved mental, emotional, and physical health!

    Interested in volunteering at Crossroads? Please contact us at Vickir@crossroadcenter.org or 280-0083 ext. 126.

    Volunteers at Work!

    We have the most wonderful people donating their time, energy, and love to our program. We’re so thankful and happy to have them with us!

     Mrs. Kathleen is the Classroom Helper in Room 1, and Mrs. Flori is the Classroom Helper in Room 3!


       Mr. Matt and Tugg visit Rooms 11&12 for Reading Buddies, and the preschool rooms for Book Buddies!


    Ms. Christy is the Classroom Helper in Room 7, and Ms. Emily is the newest volunteer, the Classroom Helper in Room 8!

    Have you been thinking of finding somewhere to donate some time to, and looking for something meaningful, something that makes a very real difference?  

    Please don’t wait. Contact Vickir@crossroadcenter.org  280-0083 ext.126 today to learn more.


    Check out a recent event that we had to honor our volunteers!

    Appreciating our Volunteers!

    Volunteer Orientation Session

    Man with children playing together  Interested in Volunteering at Crossroads? Want to learn more? Please join us at our next informational Orientation Session,

    Wednesday, AUGUST 9TH, 2017    3:30 – 4:30 pm

    Please rsvp.

    Learn about Crossroads Center for Children:

    • Mission
    • Philosophy
    • History
    • Autism
    • ABA
    • Why we love our school and you will too
    • Things volunteers can do to help
    • Benefits of volunteering
    • Have a tour of the school
    • Enjoy light refreshments and nice people

    Contact Vickir@crossroadcenter.org   280-0083 ext.126 to talk about your interest in volunteering at our school.

    It may be the best thing you do all day! This event will be recurring, so if you are not able to attend on this date, but would like to learn more, please let me know.