Volunteers at Work

September 26, 2017

Did you ever have a mystery reader when you were a child? Did your teacher tell you someone was coming to read to the class, and get you to make guesses as to who it would be? Did you think, first off, that it would be your parent, or someone else in your family? Did you think maybe, just maybe it would be Santa? Were you excited just thinking about it — who would it be, who would it be…?

The occasions which make us wonder, which make us think, those are the times we’re learning, and which we remember.


Ms. Frances is a writer. She has a blog and has published several stories. She has a grandson who has autism. He lives far from her but they are still very close. She wanted to help at Crossroads, went through the process to become a volunteer here, and started with us just recently. She’s our very first official, regularly occurring “Mystery Reader Volunteer”.

  Here, Ms. Frances reads to children from several classes, one after another. (Not all are pictured).She is our new “Mystery Reader” and we are fortunate to have her!

Have you been thinking of finding somewhere to donate some time to, and looking for something meaningful, something that makes a very real difference?  If you’re considering volunteering, please contact Vickir@crossroadcenter.org to get the process started!

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