Volunteers at Work

February 03, 2020

Our volunteers are making a difference at Crossroads. See them here at work!

2.3.2020 Our Resident Artist.

Check out the progress Megan has been making with the “Inside Out” wall mural. Her plan for this mural includes adding puzzle piece leaves to the tree around the emotion characters from the movie. We adore Megan and her amazing art!

1.3.2020 Welcome to Theresa!

Theresa is a new volunteer Classroom Helper who has recently joined us from RSVP Colonie Seniors. She will be helping the team in Room 5 weekly, and we’re thrilled to have her with us.

12.5.2019 Multi-talented!

We’ve talked about Crystal so many times on our website and social media, but today it’s important to take a moment to feature her again. Crystal is a Speech Language Pathologist who works in a district elementary school nearby. She is also a mom, and volunteers for many organizations. Think she’s probably super busy? Indeed she is! Yet she still makes the time to come to Crossroads each week and give her hands and heart.

Crystal helps with anything and everything, from making copies of handbooks for new employees, to making P.E.C.S. (Picture Exchange Communication System) pieces for students.

Not only is Crystal super productive and helpful, but she’s a joy to be around. Upbeat and positive, her energy is infectious. Truly, Crystal gives everyone she meets the feeling that they are the most important person in the room.

We’re so thankful to Crystal for all she does here at Crossroads!

11.22.19 Old Friends!

We were so happy to have Cameron and Meghan here today from Johnstown High School to contribute their wonderful community service to our school! These two are old friends of ours – Meghan is a former employee and Cameron an alumni student! Their help with our annual campaign mailing, making PECS, and cutting out pages of our communication channels was an absolute gift! It was thoroughly excellent to have them here, and we’re so thankful for their volunteerism!


Folks from LifeSong are here weekly, helping out with a million things. We love them!

Follow LifeSong’s activities here: 

10.22.19 Welcome back, Mrs. Mari!


Reading With Mrs. Mari is a favorite activity here at Crossroads, for students and teachers alike. Mari has been volunteering for over 2 years at Crossroads, but has been taking some time for her family lately, and we’ve missed her. When she’s here, classrooms sign up for a slot to go to the library, based on their schedules. Mari reads books, sings songs, shares animals and hands-on materials, and leads a craft, all in a half hour!

Our students need opportunities to listen to different people reading – it’s one of the activities that helps them to want to read too. Students here also need chances to practice transitioning to different places, and going to a class in the library is a perfect match for this, since it is a place they will visit in their next schools and in their own communities all their lives. 

Mari is a retired educator and a grandmother. We’re thrilled to have her as one of our wonderful volunteers!

9.27.10 Meet Megan.

Megan is a mom. She’s a librarian. She’s an artist. She’s kind, energetic, positive and wonderful to be around. She’s a volunteer at many places, including Crossroads.

We’re lucky to have her as a volunteer here.

Megan started with us last spring. When we met to talk about volunteering, we quickly came to the agreement that her art would be a blessing here at the school. She spoke about a vision of adding color and creativity to the walls where the children would be able to see them every day. She’s been doing that ever since.

Megan’s first endeavor was to create a mural in honor of Autism Awareness Month, and by the end of April it was complete.


The mural is adored by everyone here, and the title speaks to our mission and makes us all proud.

Next, Megan wanted to give a sense of meaning to one of the fire extinguishers. Knowing that so many children do not grasp the function of a fire extinguisher, she painted around it to give it visual meaning.

When an artist loves a particular animal, that animal always starts to appear in that artist’s work. Megan’s love of horses is something we’re so fortunate she is sharing with us.     

Her latest efforts are to convey the story and characters of the INSIDE OUT movie. We can’t wait to see these pictures come to life on our walls.


Megan, all of us at Crossroads thank you for your time and school beautification projects. You and your artistry are wonderful here.

1.23.19 How awesome is it when someone offers an extra set of hands, when they provide needed help?

We think it’s REALLY awesome!

Crystal is a Speech Therapist at a school nearby but wants to help us too. She is amazing, coming in twice each week after her OWN school day to help the teachers and therapists here at Crossroads Center for Children by pitching in with laminating, copies, cutting and pasting and creating materials. She’s a phenomenal help, and we’re so lucky to have her!

Crystal has also helped with our Mulching Days on the playground, as well as donating 12 bags more of mulch and bringing her husband over to apply the mulch the day after, because more was still needed.

Further, Crystal has donated to our program to purchase Learning Without Tears materials for the school year, because she sees how great of a curriculum it is and wants to help us achieve it. She has continually contributed to fundraisers and campaigns held by the school!

She says she loves being a volunteer here. “Everyone is so friendly and happy. It’s great to be able to contribute, and I love what you do here. I love the ABA!”

We’re so glad she’s here to help us, always with a smile and positive words. We love having her here!

Crossroads Center for Children is located at 1136 North Westcott Road, Schenectady, N.Y. 12306. Our mission statement – To prepare individuals with and without developmental disabilities for life success within their family and community – is benefited by involvement from our community. Please consider being a volunteer at Crossroads.

Learn more about volunteering:

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