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  • Volunteering at Crossroads…..

    Here’s why YOU should consider volunteering here, and how to get started. 

    Currently, due to COVID-19 protocols, we are restricted from having volunteers and visitors in the school, but we’re still interested in hearing from you if you are interested in being a volunteer with us!
    Did you know that there are many scientifically proven benefits of volunteering?

    It’s true! Benefits that include improved mental, emotional, and physical health make volunteering a great idea!

    At Crossroads Center for Children, we recognize that volunteers are an integral part of connecting our school to the community. We are grateful for the many parents, grandparents, and community members who offer their time to benefit our program. Volunteers help in many capacities here, such as serving on the Board of Trustees, conducting and helping with our fundraising events, and working on a myriad of special projects. Additionally, we have some volunteers who are helping in the classrooms, supplying extra helping hands on a regular and ongoing basis. 

    There are several opportunities for volunteers, both in the classrooms and behind the scenes. In order to protect our body of students, staff and volunteers, we follow a structured process with our potential volunteers that adheres carefully to O.C.F.S. (New York State Office of Children and Family Services) and N.Y.S.E.D. (New York State Education Department) regulations, and helps us to develop a volunteer program that can best serve our students.

    VOLUNTEERS CAN HELP WITH MANY THINGS HERE AT CROSSROADS. What if YOU shared your time and talents?


    Volunteers who interact with students at Crossroads follow an application process that starts with sending in a resume or sending the application form below to Vickir@crossroadcenter.org. Applicants are invited in for an interview where we talk about fitting your interests and our needs together. Following that meeting, applicants provide 3 recommendation letters and complete several requirements, such as TB testing and a physical, fingerprinting and a background check. Volunteers must complete several training components in order to be placed with students. Volunteers will not be permitted to begin service until all required pieces are submitted and approved.

    It might sound like a lot, but our children are worth every bit of effort! 

    Volunteer positions


    Volunteers who are not interacting with students can also be a wonderful support at Crossroads. Your skills for technology, organizing, cleaning, making materials and even gardening and raking can be a blessing here if you have just a little time on an ongoing basis. The process for getting started is similar to the one above. Please send your resume or use the application form below. Complete and send it to Vickir@Crossroadcenter.org. You’ll come in for an interview and we’ll figure out together how to fit your interests with our needs. Depending upon the project of interest, you may need to provide paperwork requirements and fulfill training requirements. Volunteers will not be permitted to begin service until all required pieces are submitted and approved.

    Click to see current needs: VOLUNTEER ONGOING PROJECTS

    Apply today!

    Email your resume or this  Form Volunteer Application to Vickir@Crossroadcenter.org.

    You will be invited to come in for an interview and discuss our opportunities and how we can work together.

    Or SIGN UP using the link below! 

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  • Right now, due to the COVID-19 virus, school is closed, but that doesn’t mean we aren’t working with students. We’re interacting with parents and students from a distance to help them through this troubling time. And we’re also looking for volunteers to help once we come back together at school. We will need extra hands to get students back on track with school routines and skills. People who can help with development and fundraising. People who want to make a difference on an ongoing basis. Since the process of clearance takes some time, why not get started now, while there’s some down time? Some of the components will be done from afar for now, but taking the first step is still up to you.