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  • Volunteering at Crossroads…..

    Here’s why YOU should consider volunteering here, and how to get started. 

    Did you know? There are many scientifically proven benefits of volunteering, including improved mental, emotional, and physical health. Which makes volunteering a great idea for everyone!

    At Crossroads Center for Children, we recognize that volunteers are an integral part of connecting our school to the community. We are grateful for the many parents, grandparents, and community members who offer their time to benefit our program. Volunteers help in many capacities here, such as serving on the Board of Trustees, conducting and helping with our fundraising events, and working on a myriad of special projects. Additionally, we have some volunteers who are helping in the classrooms, supplying extra helping hands on a regular and ongoing basis. 

    There are several current opportunities for volunteers, both in the classrooms and behind the scenes. In order to protect our body of students, staff and volunteers, we follow a structured process with our potential volunteers that adheres carefully to O.C.F.S. (New York State Office of Children and Family Services) and N.Y.S.E.D. (New York State Education Department) regulations, and helps us to develop a volunteer program that can best serve our students.

    This can be emailed to Vickir@Crossroadcenter.org . We will contact you to come in for an interview and discuss opportunities that you might be interested in.

    Volunteer applicants for interaction with our students will follow an application process that includes providing 3 recommendation letters, TB testing and a physical, fingerprinting and a background check. Volunteers must agree to fulfill training requirements that we will apprise you of.  Volunteers will not be permitted to begin service until all required pieces are submitted and approved.

    It might sound like a lot, but most would agree that our children are worth every bit of effort! 

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    Ongoing Project Volunteer Needs

    We need volunteers for so many tasks! Can you help? Please sign up using the link below:

    Indoors – year round.


    • Description: Wash/bleach toys in classrooms as left out by teachers. Put away/leave to dry as requested by each teacher.    
    • Schedule: Weekly per room.


    • Description: Neaten and organize equipment to appropriate areas.  Remove broken toys to dumpster. Wipe down equipment with wipes/cleaning rags.    
    • Schedule: Weekly.


    • Description: Stock cafeteria and staff room with paper/plastic goods. Neaten and organize left out supplies to appropriate areas.  
    • Schedule: Weekly.
    Outdoors – April to November.


    • Description: Refurbishing of mulch. Rake, ensure depth, replenish as needed.
    • Schedule: Weekly.


    • Description: Organize toys left behind to appropriate areas. Neaten sand play area. Move larger equipment to renew space. Remove litter. Wipe down picnic tables. Water trees around the perimeter fence.
    • Schedule: Weekly.


    • Description: Weeding. Watering. Planting occasionally. Harvesting occasionally.
    • Schedule: Weekly.


    • Description: Organize toys left behind to appropriate areas. Remove broken toys. Neaten hose storage.  
    • Schedule: Weekly.

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