Using music to learn!

June 08, 2020

6.8.2020 Movie 2. This one is going to help at bedtime, we’re thinking!

5.24.2020 Singalong With Us Series!

Movie 1.

Since we aren’t able to have a Spring Singalong in our gym at this time, we decided to put one on for our students virtually. Last Thursday we recorded a bunch of songs, and these will be set into movie format and uploaded to YouTube in sections of 3 songs each, for easy viewing at home. Here’s our first movie for you.

7.23.2019     “Music is the universal language of mankind.”

Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

Many of our students and teachers here agree with this! In addition, we also see that music is instrumental in motivating our learners. It frequently helps children connect themes, concepts and skills in exciting ways. And it reinforces learning and positive behaviors.

One recent group in Room 8 used musical instruments to practice rhythms and group participation.

They addressed several social skills, too, such as turn-taking, selecting instruments and songs, following and leading in a Bear Hunt song, and acting out motions.

A puppet helped the class think about feelings and interactions with each other, in addition to encouraging dramatic play. Other assorted skills, such as tying beats to syllables, making letter sounds, following directions and counting often come into play as well.

Classrooms also incorporate music into their circle activities. Through songs, skills for calendar, weather, greetings, names and more can be taught with repetition and in a fun way.

Yes, the students here love music! Music serves them with reinforcement of academic and social skills, along with nurturing their enjoyment of an art form.

Click below to watch a short clip from Room 8’s group!


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