Using music to learn!

May 16, 2018
“Music is the universal language,” some say, and here at Crossroads, it is instrumental in motivating our learners and helping them connect themes and skills in exciting ways.

Here, Room 5 is seen using music in a  rhythm band activity. They are practicing an assortment of skills, such as syllables, letter sounds, following directions and group cooperation.

Room 1 incorporates music into their circle activities.

Through the rhythmic read of Chicka Chicka Boom Boom, the class works on literacy skills such as the alphabet, and then uses the book to sing the ABC song.

Moving on to the 5 Little Ducks song, students count the ducks on their teacher’s gloved hand as they sing and make motions to go along with the song. High fives reinforce the number 5 and give a chance to the practice of social skills.

Just down the hall in Room 6, students use music in combination with movement and dramatic dress up.

They work on following recorded directions, such as “move” and “freeze” in fun costumes which they picked out one at a time at the start of the activity.


Upstairs in Room 12, kids love to move to the beat! Dancing is fun and lets out some of their zest and energy!

Yes, the students here love music! Music serves them with reinforcement of academic and social skills, along with nurturing their enjoyment of an art form.



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