Turning early literacy skills into reading. A volunteer "Mystery Reader" that loves books and children.

December 21, 2017

Early literacy skills turn into reading skills, and the best way to start kids on the road to reading is to put them with books!

One of the mot important ways to help children become readers is to read to them. It’s something our teachers do every single day, and our parents do at night and whenever else they can.

We’re also very fortunate to have a volunteer “Mystery Reader” who visits occasionally to read to the classes.  

 Frances has been visiting for reading time every few weeks. She reads to the kids and they love listening to her gentle soothing voice and looking at the books she selects.   

During her recent visits, Frances read books from all of this season’s holidays, inspiring much excitement from the students.   It’s easier for some groups than for others to sit and attend, so the expectations are set by the teachers. Mrs. Frances even goes into the classroom for those who aren’t quite ready for the library, at the teachers’ preferences.   She is also very happy to take book requests.    Mrs. Frances is greatly flexible and enjoys seeing the gains they make from the last time she visited, noticing how one student was able to sit in a chair this time, and another stayed for the whole slot with his class.  

   At Crossroads Center for Children, we love books. In addition to our School Library, each of the ten classrooms has its own classroom library.   Additionally, the classrooms visit the Rotterdam Library on a rotation so that the children get accustomed to using a public library.   

Being with books interests the children in finding books of their own, and leads them further on in their literacy development.

We get our books from donations. While currently our library is jam-packed, sometimes our Wish List will reflect that books are needed.

We’re thankful for our volunteers, Mrs. Frances for being the Mystery Reader, and Mrs. Kathleen for keeping the library tidy.

If you’re interested in volunteering here, please reach out. Learn more here: http://crossroadcenter.org/volunteer/

We’re also grateful to the Rotterdam Library for allowing us  to bring our classrooms over for library time with Ms. Nancy.




A Love of Books

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