Trying out some Trail Mix in Room 12

July 31, 2017

It’s a trailblazing summer in Room 12!

It’s phenomenal when the kids try new things, and also learn to make something that they can potentially make for themselves at home.

Room 12, when celebrating their Camping Theme, made Trail Mix. Mrs. Alicia talked about the different kinds of nuts, and the ingredients she used were all gluten free, in accordance with the needs of one of her students.

The class got to practice important life and fine motor skills, like opening packages, measuring ingredients, pouring, cleaning up, and sweeping up after a spill.

 When it comes to trying it, some munched it right away, while others were more tentative. Sometimes, just putting a new food to your tongue is cause for celebration and reinforcement.

Which is the way they roll in Room 12!

Great job, Room 12 trailblazers!

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