Transporting Young Minds

October 02, 2017

 Room 7’s TRANSPORTATION theme is driving children to learn things.

Things like cause and effect.


How colors are visually different.

How they can mix to make other colors.

How the different cars’ tires produce different looking tracks.  

How shapes can be used to make a train.

How to share and take turns.

How to attend to materials.  

Recently the class painted with cars! By driving the cars through the paint and then across the paper they made a beautiful art product, which you can see displayed on their Art Wall.

Ms. Deanna, Room 7’s teacher said that her students enjoyed this project and engaged well, individually and as a group. “They loved it!” she said. “Everyone was laughing and enjoying the activity together!”

Way to go, Room 7!

Crossroads Center for Children has seven integrated preschool classrooms, three school aged classrooms, and an extensive number of related services. The fundamental approach at Crossroads is Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA). If you or someone you know is interested in learning more, please contact us at (518) 280-0083.

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