(Timely Tips): Thanks for Thanksgiving!

November 22, 2016
Thanks for Thanksgiving!

 November Tips from staff around the building  for how to get through the holiday in one “peace.”

You know how we like to break things down to make them doable. Here several of the staff at Crossroads dish up their helpful tips for how they “do” the following common “parts” of the Thanksgiving day, to have a great Thanksgiving.

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We do a thankful jar – everyone puts in something they’re thankful for ahead of time. At the table, we pass the jar and everyone takes out one and reads it. We guess whose it is.

When my kids were little, we would get everyone who came to Thanksgiving to write or draw on a paper feather what they were thankful for. Then we’d tape the feathers to a turkey body we taped to the window by our table. It made it more visual for them.



I don’t worry if my son’s not quiet.

We have someone designated to say grace, usually my uncle.



I allow him to eat at his own pace. We have a very big family, and he does better if he can sit back and let them all eat, and then he’ll eat. Later is ok.

We use his special plate. He loves his Dinosaur plate, so we put the food – which is kind of   unfamiliar to  him – on the special plate and the food becomes more acceptable.

I try not to react when he makes a face at something. I don’t want to reinforce the face-making with attention to it.

If he doesn’t like something, I praise him if he tries it. Like mashed potatoes.

We let him choose what to put on his plate. It’s ok on special occasions.

We practice the food. Whatever foods we’d like her to eat on Thanksgiving or other special days, we introduce those foods ahead of time. And practice them. Several times.

I bring the tortilla shells! My son will eat anything if it’s in a tortilla shell.



My company is my family and some friends. They all know I have kids and that it might not be a serene experience.

We put their pictures on their chairs, so she can see who is coming and where they’ll be sitting.



We prepare ahead of time, where we’re going, who’ll be there, and “it might be kind of noisy.” Pictures help.

We get our family members to take pictures of their house and faces ahead of time, and we create a visual to make a little social story.


“Let your sister bake all those cookies.”

It can be very overwhelming. Let some stuff go. For me it’s baking. I just can’t bake all those cookies. My sister’s a good baker, she likes doing it, I let her do it now.

Be with your family. Let the little stuff go.

Pick and choose your battles.

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