(Timely Tips): December Delights

December 19, 2016
December Delights Timely Tips from our Team to our website audience for a Delightful December

We asked staff to share their December Delights – favorite recipes, traditions, and memories for the holidays they celebrate. We hope you enjoy them!

Favorite Recipes –

  • Eggnog French toast
  • French toast casserole
  • Artichokes
  • Rugelach
  • Biscotti
  • Antipasto
  • Chocolate Lush
  • Waldorf salad
  • Stuffed mushrooms – parmesan cheese and cream cheese
  • 7-layer cookie bars
  • Carrying on family recipes – all of them

Tree ornaments –

  1. 1 c. salt, 2 c. flour, 1 c. water.
  2. Mix together gradually.
  3. Knead 7-10 minutes till putty-like.
  4. Roll out ½ in.
  5. Cookie cut.
  6. 325 degrees or dry for 48 hours.
  7. Varnish or paint.

Favorite Traditions –

  • All the children making an ornament for the tree.
  • Making Hanukkah cookies together.
  • Getting together with family.
  • Lighting the menorah.
  • Making Christmas cookies together.
  • Reading The Night Before Christmas on Christmas Eve, with the kids in their pj’s.
  • The kids open one present on Christmas Eve.
  • Midnight Mass.
  • A present every night of Hanukkah.      
  • Cracking the Peppermint Pig!
  • Seven fish on Christmas Eve.
  • Grandma gives all the kids pajamas on Christmas Eve.
  • Making breakfast together.
  • Having the family together for Christmas dinner.
  • Family being together.
  • All my kids have their families open up presents at their own homes now, and then they all come over at 4 for a big family dinner.

Favorite Memories –

We used to go to my grandparents on Christmas Eve. Drive all the way downstate in our pajamas so we’d wake up on Christmas morning at their house with all the cousins and aunts and uncles. So much fun.

I remember when Santa Claus came through the OT/ PT window at the Hostetter building!

One year I was staying awake to see Santa, and then I saw Santa peeking in my bedroom window! So I pretended I was asleep.

My grandparents brought us this HUGE box, and inside it must have been 100 presents. It was amazing, because we didn’t have much money, and we never got stuff like that. That was the best Christmas I had as a kid ever.

My favorite is the year I got a Ronald McDonald train set. It was all set up when we came down in the morning. My dad sat down and played with me. I still have that, and I got it when I was three!

We used to do seven fish on Christmas Eve.- we did so much when my father was with us – all the different recipes and meals together. I love thinking about that.

What are YOUR December Delights? We’d love to hear. Leave a comment for us!