Thumbs up for our VOLUNTEERS!

May 09, 2018

Our volunteers are the best, and we are grateful every day for the help they provide in a multitude of ways throughout the year. We have a few types of volunteers, and want them all to know how deeply we appreciate them. Whether people help with our projects such as whiteboard installation, mulching the playground, and garden maintenance, events such as fundraisers and outreach, on our board, or in our classrooms, we are truly blessed to have their caring and support. Thumbs up for all of our volunteers!

Volunteer Appreciation Celebration

We especially like to honor our volunteers who are here on a weekly basis or more, and there are several who fit this category this year. On Thursday, May 31st we will  have a Volunteer Appreciation Celebration in our cafeteria to recognize the following individuals:

Flori C, Kathleen D., Crystal H., Mari B., Diane R. , Savannah L., and Kyra C.

This will be a very simple celebration, short and sweet enough for our young children to attend.

Spring Salads are a Healthy Food Program delight!Thank you to all who supported Dining to Donate at Recovery Sports Grill!