Therapists & Service Providers

Meet Our Educators
  • Meet our team

  • Occupational Therapist

    • Caitlin Wolf
      Occupational Therapist.
      Phone: (518) 280-0083
    • Kaley Green
      Certified Occupational Therapy Assistant.
      Phone: (518) 280-0083

    Physical Therapist

    • Joseph DeBonza
      Physical Therapist.
      Phone: (518) 280-0083

    School Psychologist

    Speech Therapist

    • Kelly Torres
      Speech Therapist.
      Phone: (518) 280-0083
    • Melanie Feisthamel
      Speech Pathologist
    • Amy Ezekiel
      Speech Pathologist
      Phone: (518) 280-0083

    Behavior Analyst

    • Tonia Weller
      Behavior Analyst,
      Phone: (518) 280-0083 ext.106
    • Megan Streeter
      Behavior Analyst
      Phone: (518) 280-0083 ext.106
    • Carolyn Scanlon
      Behavior Analyst.
      Phone: (518) 280-0083 125
    • Breanna Maggart
      Behavior Analyst
      Phone: (518) 280-0083
    • Ashlie Rocker
      Behavior Analyst.
      Phone: (518) 280-0083 ext. 106
  • Questions and Answers
    How does my child get to school?

    Daycare/Nursery School- Parents who have their child enrolled in daycare/nursery school must transport their child to and from the Center. The Center is near a public transportation route.

    Committee on Preschool Special Education/Committee on Special Education – Students who attend Crossroads Center for Children to fulfill obligations of their IEP are transported to and from the Center by their County or School District if parents are unable to provide transportation. They must be transported with the drop off time of 9:00 AM and pick-up time of 2:30. They may not be transported by the County or School District if wrap around child-care is utilized.

    School-Aged Before and After-care – Children who attend the school-aged before and after-care program are transported to the Center in the morning by their parents. The School District will pick them up, transport them to school, and drop them off at the Center after school. Their parents must pick them up from the Center at the end of the day.

    Does your facility accept daycare subsidy?

    Currently we have contracts with both Albany and Schenectady County’s Department of Social Services and we accept subsidies from those counties. If you reside in another county, please call for more information.

    Are your staff highly trained?

    Yes, each classroom has a special education teacher with a Bachelor’s degree or higher in Special Education and teacher certification through the New York State Education Department (NYSED). In addition, each teacher assistant is certified by NYSED as he or she also provides direct instruction. Staff continue to broaden their knowledge of teaching by participating in local and out of state trainings. Every new staff attends a rigorous training schedule before working one on one with the children in the classroom.

    Do you have child care options during school breaks?

    We offer the option to sign up for daycare when school is out of session at an additional cost. Please see our school calendar for dates