The Schenectady Foundation

November 23, 2020

Advancing the sustainable well-being of the people of Schenectady County.

The Schenectady Foundation has been there for us many times over the years, and this year, when we’ve struggled so much with affording the many new and increased needs created by COVID-19, they’ve literally saved the day with a $6,000 grant. This grant will specifically help with larger needs such as portable sinks and technology items, and we couldn’t be more grateful.


Learn more about The Schenectady Foundation, and all the good that they do!
As found on the TSF website:

The Schenectady Foundation was created by community leaders in 1963 as a charitable trust to benefit the health and well-being of people who live and work in Schenectady County, New York.  Today, the seeds planted by our founders have come to bountiful fruition.  Backed by a sustainable, ever-growing endowment — the Foundation has emerged as a force in Schenectady’s social sector by performing three essential roles:

    1. Catalyst.  The Foundation is an investor and partner in projects with the potential to move the needle on our community’s most difficult issues, such as food insecurity, neighborhood blight, and disconnected youth. As a grant-maker, the Foundation puts money and resources where they are most needed. See our “Grants” section to learn more about the Foundation’s grants.
    2. Convener. As a leader of our charitable sector, we convene and facilitate — gathering together organizations and people with similar missions to achieve as a group what none could do alone. Because the Foundation does not favor any one group over others and is only concerned with achieving the best outcomes for the community, no other organization is as well-positioned to play this role.  See our “Initiatives” page to learn more about the Foundation’s work in this role.
    3. Custodian.  We are a steward of the resources entrusted to the Foundation. Gifts to the endowment are invested for the long-term by experienced Trustee banks. We are careful to preserve and grow the endowment, even as we re-invest funds back into the community each year.

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