The Muffin Man Show helps Crossroads ring in the New Year and increase awareness of our Daycare Program!

January 10, 2018

What you’ve been waiting for! Our newest episode with The Muffin Man Show!

Recorded on 12/20 after the school day, this most recent episode of the show features some of our updates since he was last here right before summer session. As well, it highlights our daycare/nursery services, since we are well known for our special education programming and well known for our services for students with autism, but also want to promote that Crossroads is an excellent choice for daycare and nursery care for little ones who have no special needs at all but just want a loving caring program to grow and learn in.

The Muffin Man (aka Thaddeus) came in and recorded Nikki Sanders, Daycare Teacher and some of the students in aftercare that day (with parent permission of course) engaging in regularly scheduled activities. Viewers can get a glimpse of 2 small groups engaged in play centers and get a feel for the aftercare program.

He also interviewed our Executive Director, Kelly and Resource Development Specialist, Vicki about the school. In addition to talking about the daycare and nursery opportunities for children who are typically developing here at Crossroads,  Lindsay, Room 4 Special Education Teacher talks about a recent art project and theme recent to her classroom. Also seen is Sarah, Room 13 Special Education Teacher as her classroom, the newest to open this year is displayed for the camera.

Many thanks to those who bravely spoke and showed themselves in the show, as being recorded definitely takes some splendid courage! Even more thanks to Thaddeus and The Muffin Man Show for doing the recording and interviewing, and to Randall and Randy Hogue at for providing the equipment and getting these shows on the air! All of the shows we’ve done at the studio and here at Crossroads have turned out great and we deeply appreciate the help in marketing our beloved school.

Find this episode and all previous ones we’ve done at either link:           Do You Know The Muffin Man? “A Happy New Year with Crossroads Center for Children”

Please call for more information or a tour – (518) 280-0083

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