The loss of a student

July 28, 2022

UPDATE 7.28.22

So many thanks to this amazing community for coming together to support the family of Onnex. Through our collection here, we were able to raise a wonderful amount to help with needs that were sure to be overwhelming during a desolate time. Thank you for the prayers, positive words, kind cards and calls that have meant so much to everyone here. We are so very grateful.

Total raised through QGiv and other donations that came through us: $4,903.40

We have already delivered all but $1022.80; this latter amount will be given within the next few days.

At this time, we will be stopping the donation form. We will be happy to talk to anyone with further interest in helping – please give us a call.


Update 7.17.22 RIP little one.

 The Obiturary

Update 7.16.22 Crossroads is very thankful for the massive outpouring of support from the community for the family of Onnex. We delivered a check in the amount of $2,923 on Friday to the Hall family to help with the expenses of the funeral and other needs they have at this time. Donations that have come into the account following that time will be given to them in a second check in the near future. The family is deeply appreciative for this help and as well for the large number of prayers given for them to uphold them through this tragedy.

Donations for the Hall Family



We are heart-broken to share that Onnex, a student in Room 13, went missing yesterday morning, and after hours of searching, state police found his body in a pond near his house in Greenwich, in Washington County.

The loss of a child is something no-one is ready for. Putting the thoughts together for what to do and how seems impossible. All we want now is for his family to be held up in prayer and support and love.

Many people were ready to come to the search site and help, and we are incredibly grateful for the prayers and the willingness to drop everything and help.

People are asking us how to help, and this is what we are asking for at this time to help the family.

  • Please pray for his family. They are entirely devastated and need support and love from all of us.
  • We have a donation form now set up for anyone who would like to contribute to funeral expenses and other needs that Onnex’s family will have due to this tragedy. We will collect it on this platform, and give it in total to the family. This is the most efficient way for us to collect money for a specific cause.
Donations for the Hall Family

If other needs arise we will update here.

Thank you.

Teacher, TAs and therapists of Room 13 stand in front of the Crossroads Center for Children's entrance, united with hands held.

In Honor of Onnex.

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