The Healthy Food Program Takes the Elevator!

December 03, 2018

Each week, one classroom takes their turn to push the Healthy Food Program snack cart around from room to room, offering healthy snacks.

The students love picking veggies and fruits from the cart when offered by their peers. The students whose turn it is love pushing and asking friends if they want to try celery, cucumbers, bananas, and so on.

Last week it was Room 4’s turn, and they were so cute in the elevator! The teachers asked the students to push number 2 for the second floor, giving the boys a chance to work on identifying numbers. Then, the doors shut and the elevator started to go up as the number was pushed. The adorable facial expressions were just priceless!
Crossroads remains ever thankful for the grants that fund this important program. The Schenectady Foundation has been a long-time funder of our Healthy Food Program and this  year, a grant from the Allen Foundation is also supporting this work.


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