Thanks to The Kvistad Foundation

July 29, 2022

A Special Thank You, to The Kvistad Foundation

We’ve just received a new grant from the Kvistad Foundation, and wish to thank Garry and Diane Kvistad for their incredible kindness and generosity. This is the fourth year in a row that they have joined the fight for giving children with developmental special needs such as autism the type of education that works.

The grant will help us this year with Social Skills Development and Academic programming. With the individualized programs and services that our students need, this contribution will make a wonderful difference for our students.

Last year’s grant from the Kvistad Foundation allowed us access to technology that we had previously only wished for. Their grant supported the costs of  technology needed for teaching and therapy throughout the school year.


4.12.2021 Thank you to the Woodstock Chimes Fund!

For the third time, Diane and Garry Kvistad have sent a wonderful grant to help Crossroads. This year, their help will support our technology needs which have increased greatly in the age of COVID.

Some of the items we will be able to purchase include tablets, iPads, laptops, online subscriptions, bandwidth and technological support, to name a few. Having access to technology and its continuous updates is imperative for our school to continue to serve our students, and neither the tuition-based payments that we receive from the school districts and counties, nor from parents private paying for daycare cover the magnitude of the expenses that we’ve got to meet. Yes, we’re more than grateful!

The Kvistads are amazing. They – Garry and Diane – have set up the Kvistad Foundation to support organizations in humanitarian and arts efforts, with the Woodstock Chimes Fund as charitable arm. We encourage our readers to visit their site, and look for Tyler’s story (also linked below). This is what drew us to these remarkable people in the first place!

Many thanks for this grant! We’re grateful!


6.28.2019 Crossroads Center for Children is delighted to share with our readers that we’ve received a grant from The Woodstock Chimes Fund to help deliver important social skills development programming to our students.

The Woodstock Chimes Fund  is a charitable arm of the Kvistad Foundation. Garry and Diane Kvistad have supported the arts and humanitarian organizations since 1986. This is the second year in a row that Crossroads is a Kvistad grant recipient.

Our readers know how important grants are to our organization. As a nonprofit organization, we work hard to acquire items that might be taken for granted in other school settings.

This grant is going to help buy some of the supplies we need throughout the year to address social skills development for our students. This is an area that is incredibly important for our students and is targeted extensively throughout the school. Teaching children to communicate  functionally, to interact with others, to play in groups… skills such as these are a high priority for our teachers and therapists. Skills such as these will give our students the means to be successful in their homes and communities.

Social and play skills can be taught in many settings. Frequently skills are worked on in art groups, centers, speech sessions, motor activities, music and circle activities. Really any time throughout the day! P.E.C.s supplies, art supplies, music materials, balls and so on are needed and this grant will help. So many thanks to the Kvistads and the Woodstock Chimes Fund for helping Crossroads Center for Children!

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