Thank you, William Gundry-Broughton Charitable Private Foundation  

June 02, 2020

The incredible kindness of the William Gundry-Broughton Charitable Private Foundation is going to help Crossroads in our great time of need.

We’re grateful to the foundation for helping with overall needs with a $15,000. grant to the school. Operating funds are used to pay our exceptional, dedicated staff members, pay our rent/lease, purchase constantly needed equipment, supplies and materials, pay for mandated insurances and benefits, and much more. This is continually our largest area of fundraising and one that is the most difficult to acquire, as many funders prefer to donate to smaller, more sensational types of projects that have an end to them. That’s why this foundation is so special. Their compassion and understanding of the true monetary needs of a nonprofit school is extraordinary. They stand on the actual needs of making the actual mission work. They are there for the school’s most essential needs.

We are eternally grateful. The timing of this gift makes it even more special. This has been a tough time for many organizations and businesses, and Crossroads has definitely been affected by the changes to our service delivery created by the covid school closures. This grant will help us profoundly, and therefore benefit the students and families that need us. Thank you, William Gundry-Broughton Charitable Private Foundation. 

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