Thank you to Nora Roberts Foundation for Grant

August 14, 2020

A quick, 1-second thank you from “L”

Nora Roberts Foundation Grant will help with Social Skills in 20-21!

Crossroads Center for Children is excited to announce a grant from The Nora Roberts Foundation to help our students learn social skills. 

The Nora Roberts Foundation has provided a $3,000 grant in support of the Social Skills Development programming at Crossroads! This generous gift will help our school greatly in the area of social skills in the 2020-21 school year, including work in the goals for communication and play. The grant will provide supplies and materials such as PECS (Picture Exchange Communication System) books, straps and insert pages, art supplies throughout the school year, student reinforcers, games, apps and behavior reduction items. We are very thankful for this grant to help with the many needs we have at Crossroads.

Social skills is an important area of life success, and something that our students, overall, find difficult to learn and apply. Social impairment is one of three core deficits that make up a diagnosis of autism, and Crossroads has a large  component of learners with ASD. Many of our students struggle with interactions, functional play, communication skills, and emotional comprehension, resulting in maladaptive behaviors that add even more layers of challenge to their lives. By starting children on the path of learning the concept of communication, and how to make their needs known, and by targeting social skills for improvement, Crossroads addresses individualized goals that will help throughout life.

Social skills are targeted in all classrooms and services here, so it’s critical to have the materials and supplies in place that will help students gain needed skills.

Nora Roberts, best-selling and well-known author, supports children and education through her foundation. We love this quote found posted on the foundation’s website about literacy:

“Once you learn to read, you will be forever free.”
– Frederick Douglass

Also from the foundation’s website:


In 2001 Nora Roberts created the Nora Roberts Foundation. A successful business woman as well as a best-selling author, Ms. Roberts envisioned the foundation as an avenue of support for organizations promoting and encouraging literacy, children, the arts and humanitarian efforts. These areas, particularly important to her and her family, serve as the focus of the foundation.

For more information about Nora Roberts, please visit her website:

Mission Statement

The primary focus of the Nora Roberts Foundation is to support Literacy. Additional areas of focus are: Children’s programs, Arts organizations, and Humanitarian efforts, with local organizations being its priority. All organizations supported must be a registered 501(c)(3).

Crossroads is proud to be selected and is grateful for this generous gift that will help our students increase their literacy skills through the coming year! Thank you, Nora Roberts Foundation for your wonderfully generous support!


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