Thank you, SEFCU!

June 26, 2018

Thank you, SEFCU!

We’ve received a grant from SEFCU, and our gratitude is huge!

SEFCU selected our Social Skills Development programming  to sponsor for the school’s Summer Program. This grant will allow the school to purchase materials and supplies for recreation, play, and social skills instruction. The plan for expenditures will be focused on materials for the students, such as art supplies, musical instruments, games, and other materials needed to carry out sessions and groups to work on social and play skills.  

SEFCU announces sponsorship of Summer social skills programming needs.

We are deeply appreciative of this support! SEFCU has supported Crossroads in the past several times. They’ve provided volunteers for our Wagon Train BBQ event last June, our Golf Tournament in September, 2017, and our March 2018 Gala. Most recently they helped with getting our garden ready for planting.

Mulch Gratitude!

See the press release here: PR SEFCU PRESS ANNOUNCEMENT

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