Thank you, G.E.'s Elfuns!

September 06, 2017

The Toy Modification Program is a treasure for our children.

For little fingers, sometimes it can be difficult to turn on the switch on a toy. For a child who struggles because of developmental delays, the challenge can be made even more frustrating.

That’s why the G.E. Elfuns have the Toy Modification Program. They have a big heart for little fingers.

What they do: they purchase toys – new, cool items that kids would be naturally drawn to – and they adapt them so that kids with special needs can use them. They increase accessibility by adapting switches. They benefit social skills by making adapters so that two or more children can be plugged in at the same time to something, and practice turn-taking.

Check out the Jif-jar switch. Instead of pushing a little switch on the toy, the child using this can simply pat the Jif-jar switch to turn the toy it plugs into on and off. This is a modified switch.

Paul Mitchell is a very kind gentleman who has been coming to Crossroads a couple of times each year with toys for a few years now. He and his volunteers, mainly General Electric retirees, love children and want to provide exceptional opportunities for them. The students and staff here at Crossroads love receiving the modified toys, and want to say a big “thank you” for this special gift.

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