Thank you for improving our playground!

July 13, 2020


Yesterday we sent out a thank you to those who donated to this project, with this video in in it. Watch it to see a little summary of the project from start to finish. 


7.3.2020 Progress Report.

The playground is ready for students to use! The mulching is complete and the equipment is placed for their climbing and sliding. 

All summer long here on in, mulch will be added weekly to the hot spots where they climb and slide, and to any other areas that are worn. Our pile of mulch is sufficient to last into next year as well, thanks to the generosity of our donors. At this time, we are not planning to have an in-person ribbon cutting, as we had intended originally, however, we can share some pictures of our finished project here, and, soon, the children using it. 

Again, our humble gratitude is deep for the kindness of our community in helping us achieve all of this. 

6.26.2020 Progress Report.

Here is a little progress report for our readers as we get close to completing this project.

Since our mulch was delivered, we’ve been working daily on the installation. First we edged the entire area with flat shovels, digging out grass and roots all the way around. We removed grass, weeds, deeply rooted and very hardy from the whole large space around the playground unit, including the swings, and then, later, the toddler play area as well. Next came heavy duty weed block, laid across and stapled down, a process which was challenging due to the wind tunnel that occurs regularly on our playground. Finally, we began hauling mulch from the gigantic pile and dumping it across the block, then raking it out. 

We are not yet done, but are aiming for completion by next week’s end. Again we are so very thankful to the many folks who have supported this project: The Christopher Dailey Foundation, The Carlilian Foundation, Carol and Thomas Charton, George and Mary Hargrave, Richard and Joanne Billington, Laura and Floyd Channell, The Merck Foundation, Pam Cerrone, IBEW L.U. #236 and Donors who wish to remain anonymous. 

Many thanks to the Playground Team of Crossroads: Annie, Melissa Z., Lindsay H., Flori, Sudha (and her man), Agnes, Kathy K., Erin (and her family), and Vicki R. We have some pictures to share, and will update again when the project is done!

6.8.2020 Many thanks to Sid Ramotar for installing our sign!

We wanted to thank the people who donated last year to this project that is coming together towards completion this season.  We ordered our sign from Matthew’s Signs, and it turned out beautifully.
On this date, too, one of the tire “caterpillars” which the children like to climb and balance on, was dug up and re-situated further out from the large play unit, now that our mulch area is going to be extended. Next steps: remove all weeds and grass from the entire area, lay down weed block, staple it down, and then install mulch to 4 inch or more depth. 
  Movie1 sign installation                   Movie2 sign installation             Movie3 sign installation              

6.4.2020 A million thanks to the wonderful folks below for supporting our playground upgrades last year. Today, 75 cubic yards of quality playground mulch was delivered, and we are going to be spreading it in the upcoming days if not weeks. 

Since so many people came together to make this happen for our kids, and because so many of our students love big trucks, here’s a video so you can see the way the truck drops the mulch. 


11.25.19 Our shade cover is installed! 

Thank you again to everyone who has supported this project! 

We are deeply thankful to the following people for contributing to this project:

We also appreciate the beautiful work done by Pettinelli Recreation !

We are planning signage to thank the donors of this project, and a ribbon cutting for sometime in spring. Please stay tuned! 

11.22.19 The install has started!

We’re so excited! Pettinelli Recreation started the installation of the playground shade cover this morning. One of our schoolage classrooms delivered hot coffee to the work crew to warm them up. The project is expected to be completed on Monday morning.


Thank you again to everyone who has contributed to this!

11.8.19 The project is still stalled.

The part they are waiting for still hasn’t been received. We are awaiting communication from Pettinelli Recreation with a new date for installation.

11.04.19 New installation date is this Friday, 11.8.19

Pettinelli Recreation has reordered the missing piece and is hopeful to receive it in time for a new installation date of 11.8.19.

We, too, are hopeful for this to be the case!

11.01.19 Project is stalled briefly.

The Pettinelli installation crew came early this morning to put in our shade cover, but discovered that unfortunately, a main piece of the structure was never delivered. This means that the project is delayed until this piece is reordered and received.

Patience is a virtue, they say. We are disappointed with the delay in timing but nevertheless excited that this will soon be ready for our students.

This year’s Fit Kids Project campaign: Playground Shade Cover, Surface Mulch, Physical Activity Storage, Equipment & Materials  

10.29.19 – This project is fully funded!

We’ve just learned that we will receive a $5,000 grant from the Carlilian Foundation towards this project! This brings our project to full funding! Funds raised will fully cover the costs of the shade and its installation! We will also be able to afford good quality mulch which we will purchase and put down in the early spring, storage options for indoor and outdoor play equipment, especially the awesome new supplies from Special Olympics, sandbox sand, and other fitness materials. We are overwhelmed with gratitude for this wonderful, amazing support!

We are deeply thankful to the following people for contributing to this project:
Scroll down to see the beginning of this post, and our campaign! Please donate if you can! Thanks! 

10.25.19 – Shade Installation next Friday! 

The installation of the shade cover, the largest priority of this project and campaign, is on for next Friday! Pettinelli Recreation has set their schedule and will be here all day on Friday, November 1st to put in the shade columns, returning on or before Monday morning to finish up and clear for use by our children!
We do still have a gap between what we’ve raised and the total costs of the shade cover.  However, we’re still reaching out to potential donors and a grantor for their help with this project, and are super hopeful! We’re glad to be getting this installed before the snow starts. It will allow our students to play outside even longer this year!  
Scroll down to see the beginning of this post, and how to contribute.

9.13.19 – It’s Happening! 

Thanks to our wonderfully generous donors to this project, and with anticipation of being able to find other donors to help, we’ve decided to move along with this project and soon. After much research and conversation about possibilities and costs as well as compliance for several scenarios, we began working with Pettinelli Recreation and decided upon a shade cover that will work best to meet our unique needs. We do still have a gap between what we’ve raised and what the shade cover will cost to buy, ship and install. However, we’re reaching out for more help with this project and hope to be scheduling before the snow falls!

A very special thank you to The Christopher Dailey FoundationMaria Dailey was the first to pledge support for this project. It is her main focus to help children, and play, fitness, outdoor activity are essential components to her. She breathed life into this project by stepping up to the plate from day one with a $2,500 grant pledge for which we are infinitely thankful!   

7.18.19 Campaign to add SHADE!

We’ve started a fund-raising campaign to help our playground. Shade caps will be installed on the large play unit. Adding shade to our existing playground equipment will give our students extra protection when they play.

  • We hope to accomplish by the time the snow starts to fall. Requests for funds have slowly been building, and currently we are closing in on the last $1000 needed for the shade cover.
  • If we surpass our goal we will be able to do even more. We need to add MULCH to a new area of the playground, AND continue to rebuild mulch in all of the current mulched areas. We have to buy storage options for indoor and outdoor play equipment, especially the awesome new supplies from Special Olympics that we are trying to sustain for many years. There are other items too, in our project budget, like sandbox sand, gym mats, safety cones and much more.
  • Fit Kids are happier, healthier and do better in school!

Would YOU like to help with this project?     DONATE TODAY!

Make sure to let us know that you’d like your contribution to help with this project.

Thank you, Kiwanis Club!We’re BACK! (Back to school!)