Thank you for donating to improve our playground!

October 17, 2019

  • We’ve started a fund-raising campaign to help our playground. Shade caps will be installed on the large play unit. Adding shade to our existing playground equipment will give our students extra protection when they play.
  • We hope to accomplish by the time the snow starts to fall. Requests for funds have slowly been building, and currently we are closing in on the last $1000 needed for the shade caps.
  • If we surpass our goal we will be able to do even more. We need to add mulch to a new area of the playground and buy storage options for indoor and outdoor play equipment. There are other items too, in our project budget, like gym mats, safety cones and more.
  • If you’d like to help, please visit our Donate page, and let us know that you’d like your contribution to help with this project.


  • We are deeply thankful to the following people for getting us started:
    • The Christopher Dailey Foundation
    • Carol and Thomas Charton
    • George and Mary Hargrave
    • Richard and Joanne Billington
    • Laura and Floyd Channell
    • donors who wish to remain anonymous

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