Thank you, Christopher Dailey Foundation!

October 29, 2019

Thanks to The Christopher Dailey Foundation for the grant towards our Playground Shade Cover!

Through their grant program the Christopher Dailey Foundation has paid $2589. towards the shade cover that will be installed on Friday over our playground structure.

A very special thank you to The Christopher Dailey FoundationMaria Dailey was the first to pledge support for this project. It is her main focus to help children, and play, fitness, outdoor activity are essential components to her. She breathed life into this project by stepping up to the plate from day one with a $2,500 grant pledge for which we are infinitely thankful!

Thank you for donating to improve our playground!


If you visit the Christopher Dailey Foundation’s website, you’ll learn that Maria and Mark Dailey are a truly special couple. The foundation they’ve created is in memory of their son, whom they lost a number of years ago. Turning their devastation into compassion and action to  help others, they’ve helped numerous organizations in our community. The foundation’s goal is to be lasting and living memory of Christopher, by serving the youth of the community. Crossroads Center for Children’s mission is aligned with their vision; this is the second grant they have provided to the school. In order to help us and other organizations serving children, the foundation raises funds through a Turkey Trot run, 18th CDF turkey trot form which is held on Thanksgiving morning in Saratoga Springs, and a Golf tournament in May.

The costs of running a school committed to individualizing education as much as Crossroads is, are quite high. Employing exceptional employees, purchasing supplies and materials, and paying the rent in a leased space are ongoing expenses that most of us can associate with. While most people know that tuitions from school districts and counties make up a good amount of the revenue needed to do all we are doing, most people don’t realize that the rates that are set for us are substantially lower than the actual costs of the services our children need to make gains. It’s the reason we fundraise so much, and why donations are so deeply appreciated. That’s why we are overjoyed to have the incredibly generous support of the Christopher Dailey Foundation.

From the bottom of our hearts, thank you, Christopher Dailey Foundation!

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