Thank you, CDPHP!

January 06, 2021

12.23.2020 A Holiday Gift from CDPHP!

The call came later in the afternoon, a phone tag finally caught up. After initial greetings were exchanged, Victoria Hostig, Director, Community Relations & Executive Director, CDPHP The Foundation started off by saying that this year has been hard on non-profits, that it’s been hard on schools. She told of how at CDPHP The Foundation they knew it must have been especially hard on Crossroads, on the students, families, and team.

Indeed, Crossroads has been challenged, not only by the necessity of revamping our services and delivery of them with new and heightened safety protocols and policies, but also tremendously by the extra expenses it is taking to run the organization.

Continuing, Victoria gave the news that because of this, they at CDPHP The Foundation wanted to help us with another gift, one in addition to the grant we’d received as recently as October. This astonishing announcement produced a series of shrieks and screams, and, yes, tears. What an incredible gift to help Crossroads carry out its work.

With fervent gratitude for this amazing surprise, we send our thanks to CDPHP. We are truly blessed to have their steadfast and compassionate year-round support. Hear directly from CDPHP’s Victoria Hostig about why they are proud to help our organization!

10.20.2020 For the third year in a row, CDPHP is coming to our side! 

COVID-19 took the world by storm last winter and spring, and doing just about everything has become more complicated and expensive. That’s why we’re so thrilled to have received a $2,500 grant to help us with our new health and safety protocols. This area of expense related to being open for in-person services has increased significantly this year.

As found on the CDPHP website:

A Good Corporate Citizen: CDPHP is more than just a top-quality New York health plan; we’re also your neighbor. That’s why we take our responsibility to support and promote the health, vibrancy, and education of the communities we serve seriously.

We agree! We are deeply grateful for this partnership and for all that CDPHP does, not only for us but also for the other non-profits in our community. 

1.29.2020 Crossroads Center for Children is deeply thankful for a new grant from CDPHP!

CDPHP has sent a grant of $250 to help towards our new online server. This support is greatly appreciated.

MANY THANKS, CDPHP! Your generosity makes a wonderful difference!

Learn more about our Technology Development needs here > START SMART

CDPHP requires that certain criteria be met by the asking organization, such as demonstrating sound fiscal and administrative management, benefiting communities in their service area, and registration as a 501(c)(3) organization. Crossroads is proud to be selected and is grateful for this generous gift.

THANK YOU, Rite Aid Kid Cents!Annual Campaign & Giving Tuesday Gratitude!