Thank you all for a great event!

August 08, 2017

Our Community BBQ at the Wagon Train was a great success, thanks to the help of many.

First and foremost, a zillion hugs and kisses to Rene Borst for stepping up to coordinate this event with us and for us!!! As a non-profit school with highly specialized and individualized programming, fundraising is critical to us being able to run our programs. We have to raise a lot of money throughout each year in order to do the important work that we do here. And when people want to help us do that, it’s a great thing. So if you see Rene, please realize that not only did she take on an event, but really a school’s mission. She took on the event to help a school that serves children – most with diagnoses of autism and many who are typically developing – from the communities we all know and love from all over the region. Realizing this, if you see her, will cause you to say “thank you.” Because when people help Crossroads they are helping students not only today, but the students who will come to us tomorrow, next year, and the next, and the communities and the world that we all live together within. We appreciate the enormity of all that she did for us, deeply and profoundly.

Rene’s husband Steve was also vastly instrumental in helping Rene with the many details. What wonderful items they recruited for the basket chances, and what awesome activities and entertainment they secured, and paid for in several instances. So thank you, Steve, for your help as well!

Rit and the Wagon Train were fantastic to work with, and their food was absolutely scrumptious. The place is so much fun, with décor and statues of pioneers, cows, horses and wagons, and their generosity of donating part of each meal ticket to Crossroads was the crux of this fundraiser for Crossroads.

We have a very special heart for Sari Medick who volunteered her DJ talents and time for the entire day. She is upbeat, plays great music, and makes everyone she talks to feel special. And she is an alumni parent, from the end of the first year of Crossroads. If you don’t know about the history of Crossroads, please scoot around in our website and learn about us – its quite an impressive history. Anyways, Sari is an inspiration to be around, and we extend our thanks to her for her help.

Enormous thanks to the phenomenal entertainers that donated their time to help. We loved Gem Vullo and Josh Cussano – these are two very special people in their hearts as much as they are talented. Their music definitely attracted more people to the event.  It was a joy to listen to their music and that they each shared their gift to help Crossroads was particularly exquisite.

Having the stage, lent to us from the Town of Rotterdam Parks Department, made it all so very professional and added to the fun.

We also had help from a huge number of other volunteers that day. In addition to Crossroads staff members and the family members and friends that helped, we had some of our students’ parents, one of whom is soon having a baby, and one of whom got her company, SEFCU, on board. SEFCU was a colossal help as were our friends from Pioneer Bank – each of these organizations provided 5 people for several hours to help with parking direction, tickets, and general help. The SEAT Center also came through with 6 folks who helped us clean up, pack up and more. Eddie and Zac Medick monitored the Bounce House and performed a rescue mission when we lost power throughout the neighborhood and the Bounce House started to deflate. All this to say that the many operational needs of the event were achieved through these people’s hands, hearts and time, and we couldn’t have done it all without them.


Humongous thanks to the Rotterdam Police Department for providing the Child ID program. What an important service that helps to keep all of our children safe. Further, what a wonderful job they do in our community. We are so blessed for their work at large as well as for their time that day, and energy and effort for keep all of us safe.

We thank our dear friends who provided info tables and activities for attendees, too. As a non-profit organization we enjoy collaborating with other nonprofits who are making a difference, and a few of them were represented. The Red Cross, The Muffin Man and SACC TV, Habitat for Humanity, and The SEAT Center were present, and we are grateful for them being there as well as for being able to help them get their message out a bit. We appreciate their time and work in making a better world.

We had representatives from LuluRoe and 31 Bags too, and appreciate their time to set up their wares that day. These ladies each plan to donate a percentage of their proceeds that day to Crossroads and we are thankful for that help. We also had a professional balloonist and face painter to provide tons of fun for the kids!!! Despite the extensive winds and the blazing sun that day, the positive energy and humor of these people was contagious.

Now for the many generous donors who said “yes” to providing items for us to put together into baskets to sell chances for. The full list is here The sales of tickets added to the financial success of the event, and we appreciate each and every single contribution greatly.

And to the many people who attended and bought food tickets, thank you! We hope it was fun for you and we appreciate all the support immensely.

Back to Super-mom, recruiter, and BBQ event chair extraordinaire, Rene Borst – many thanks for all of  your work and enthusiasm!

Want to help too? Learn about other campaigns and events throughout the year to raise money for Crossroads Center for Children. 

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