Tees vs. COVID-19. (Coming Together Even When Apart).

May 21, 2020

Tees vs. COVID-19. Coming Together Even When Apart.

Tees against COVID separation. Promoting unity, caring, and autism awareness.

We have been working hard to create a great design that will appeal to our community and beyond. Something that will promote collaboration and caring in the world, especially in the autism community, and most especially for those of us who are part of Crossroads Center for Children.


We intend that this design conveys:
1. Connection to each other, even during a crisis that holds us apart, namely COVID-19 right now, but in any disruptive time or event.
2. Helping those in need through the mission that upholds us at Crossroads, and that is embraced far and wide by others who long to help all types of learners to make their mark in the world.
3. A spirit of resilience and determination. Doing what needs to be done and never quitting. Struggling at times but always getting back on the bike.
4. Solving challenges together.
5. Caring about others, and believing the best of them.

We hope you love it too, and that you will make a purchase today. Crossroads is currently in need of immediate revenue to help with expenses, especially our payroll. From this fundraiser, Crossroads will earn all profits over the base costs of the merchandise. 

Buy your TEE!

This fundraiser is being done with Bonfire.com. Your order will be batch-printed within 10 days and shipped to your address by Bonfire. 

Thank you for your wonderful support!

Check out our gallery! These are just a few of the awesome people who supported this fundraiser, wearing their shirts!

You can be featured here too! Send your image to VickiR@CrossroadCenter.org.

You can also self-post on your own socials and tag your post #LookCrossroads #WearBonfire.

4.14.2020 KIDS SIZES have now been added!!! Due to popular request!

4.16.2020 TOTES have now been added, and soon to come will be coffee mugs! Also due to requests of our supporters!

4.22.2020 COFFEE MUGS have now been added! The first batch of adult tees are in the printing stage! Woohoo! Let’s keep up the shares! Let’s keep coming together!


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