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  • Tech4Teaching Campaign

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  • Tech4Teaching

    Every year educational technology becomes more and more important. Children are learning HOW to use tech, as well as many skills THROUGH it. Team members use technology for instruction, data collection and reporting, communication internally and externally, and our entire community relies on us to communicate with them using up-to-date technology features.

    At the same time that technology is increasingly ingrained in the work of all, it is elevating our costs significantly. Many of our computers are no longer new, many of our iPads are too outdated to install the apps our students could benefit from in their learning. 

    You might find this hard to believe, but our earned revenues from services provided don’t cover everything that public schools have. We have to raise money to cover costs of “extra” things, things such as technology. 

    We are raising money for a small technology update to occur during late winter, early spring of 2023. We want to hit a $10,000 goal with which we can purchase 5 new iPads, 256GB at approximately $609. each and a variety of laptops to meet diverse needs from department to department. 

    This is our very first campaign with Givebutter, too, so we’ve included on the Donate page a quick survey to listen to donors about their experience using this platform. 

    We’re excited to get started! Please join us if this excites you too!


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  • So far this campaign has allowed us to purchase 5 new iPads and cases for our Speech Therapy Department. These replace a batch of iPads which were originally purchased over 10 years ago. These new machines are able to be equipped with updated apps to better serve the students they work with. A close look at their monitors will show some of the programs they are now able to update to and use.