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February 24, 2021

Congratulations! We’re proud of you! 

2.10.2021 Marvelous Morgan!

We’re delighted to recognize Speech Therapist, Ms. Morgan, today. She has recently achieved her CCC-SLP license!

Being “certified” means holding the Certificate of Clinical Competence (CCC), a nationally recognized professional credential that represents a level of excellence in the field of Audiology (CCC-A) or Speech-Language Pathology (CCC-SLP).

— ASHA | American Speech-Language-Hearing Association

Morgan says that her pursuit of licensure was time-consuming and challenging. Working full time while completing course work and clinical requirements took finesse, and then the long and arduous process of applying for her license required extra gumption and stick-to-it-ness. 

In July 2019, I began my journey to get my CCC-SLP here at Crossroads after receiving my Master’s Degree at Saint Rose. As many others can attest, the pandemic certainly didn’t make it easy – this process that was supposed to end in May wasn’t completed until November, and with paperwork processing time backed up by months I wasn’t able to be recognized officially as having my credentials until January! However, I am incredibly grateful for the opportunities that Crossroads has given me to learn and grow as a clinician, a therapist, a professional, and a person over the course of this process. I consider myself very fortunate to be lucky enough to do what I do and I’m looking forward to helping more friends find their voices!

— Morgan Glassett

We are so very proud of you Morgan! Thank you for fulfilling this achievement for the children you serve.

1.21.2021 Jubilation for Jacquelynn!

Please join us in congratulating Jacquelynn on obtaining her N.Y.S. Teaching Assistant certification! Here’s what she has to say about this achievement!

I am so happy to achieve another milestone in my career! Crossroads has welcomed me with open arms, and I am so happy to have them as my work family! I look forward to coming to work each and every day. I love showing my creative side through the bulletin boards and hope that it brightens the day of those who walk by. My professional philosophy is rooted in progression rather than perfection, and difficult does not mean impossible! I am beyond blessed and thankful to have Crossroads at my side as I pursue my master’s degree in Speech-Language Pathology and look forward to the many opportunities that await me to better serve the children! ~ Jacquelynn Akins

11.16.2020 Terrific, Taylor!

We’re happy to share that Ms. Taylor has achieved her N.Y.S. Teaching Assistant certification! A T.A. in Room 6 this year, Taylor has worked in several classrooms at Crossroads; her experience and flexibility are a great asset. Outside of her workday, she’s busy working on her Associate’s degree, currently for Independent Studies, and with plans to pursue a major in the field of Special Education. Good for you, Taylor!

11.12.2020 Lift it up for Lindsay!

Lindsay is a Teaching Assistant in Room 3 who plans to become a special education teacher. Her bachelor’s degree is in psychology and education, and working as a T.A. is giving her tons of excellent practical experience along the way. She says she feels that by achieving her certification, she is completing the first step to becoming a special education teacher. We are so happy and proud that Lindsay has obtained her N.Y.S. T.A. certification!

10.22.2020 Applause for Amanda!

Amanda always had a love/hate relationship with school growing up, and after exploring different career possibilities since college, has finally found where her heart belongs – in a school! She loves working with children and being part of her supportive classroom. After much worry about not being able to, she just earned her N.Y.S.Teaching Assistant certification! Let’s send out our high five vibes!

10.22.2020 Fabulous, Flori!

Flori is a T.A. in Room 6, who has worked in many of the classrooms in her time with us. She started here as a volunteer and fell in love with Crossroads, and Crossroads with her. Flori tells about how she kept putting off pursuing her N.Y.S Teaching Assistant certification, thinking it would be too difficult, but that once she got started, she found that she was fully prepared and capable. We’re delighted to be able to share the news that Flori has achieved her T.A.certification!

8.29.2020 Awesome, Alyssa!!

We’re delighted to share that Ms. Alyssa, a C.O.T.A. at Crossroads, has received her bachelor’s degree in health and Occupational Science. She says she’s very excited to have completed this part in her journey to becoming an Occupational Therapist. We agree! She is a wonderful assistant now, and will make a great OT when she gets there! Congratulations!!!

Alyssa Tama, Bachelors

8.19.2020  Woohoo to Michelle!

Ms. Michelle is a T.A. with our Daycare program and has recently celebrated her 5th-year milestone with Crossroads. This week, she received her high school diploma! We’re so proud of you and happy for you, Michelle! Knowing the hardships this year has brought made your coursework extra challenging, yet you persevered. Most excellent!

3.12.2020 Outstanding, Gabbi!

Ms. Gabbi is the most recent Crossroads T.A. who has accomplished the multiple requirements for N.Y.S. Teaching Certification! Help us say “congratulations!” 

3.7.2020 Well done, Chelsea!

Becoming certified as a Teaching Assistant in N.Y.S. means meeting various requirements which include several components of training and an exam, among other things. Join us in celebrating this accomplishment that Room 7’s Chelsea McFarland has made!

2.27.2020 Hats Off to Ashlie!

It’s not every day that someone becomes a Licensed Behavior Analyst in NYS! This achievement represents so much time, effort and hard work. Help us congratulate Ashlie Rocker for this wonderful accomplishment!

1.29.2020 You did it, Adriana! 

Please join in congratulating Room 11’s Ms. Adriana, who is now a N.Y.S. certified Teaching Assistant! Way to go!

1.29.2020 Nice going, Jessica!  

Ms. Jessica has received her license in Behavior Analysis! Well done! She will now be taking on supervising B.C.B.A. responsibilities in the Clinic. Please help us say “congrats!”

12.11.19 Hats off to Heather!

Room 11’s Ms. Heather has achieved her NYS Teaching Assistant certification! Join us in saying Congratulations!

11.21.19 Way to go!

Please help us applaud Ms. Shammy, from Rm 4. She has earned her NYS Teaching Assistant certificate!


10.1.2019  Please join us in congratulating Mr. Kevin, from Rm 11.  He has passed the exam and is now a Board Certified Assistant Behavior Analyst (BCBA)! 


9.16.19 Congratulations, Alexis! 

A shout out to Ms. Alexis from Room 12. She is now a certified NYS Teaching Assistant! Way to go!


8.1.19 Congratulations are in order!


Help us shout out to Ms. Nikki and Ms. Lorann! Both have earned their NYS TA certifications! Job well done!


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