Taste the Rainbow! A Skittle Science Project in a Preschool Classroom.

February 26, 2018

Skittle Science?  Well, Skittles are a favorite sweet for kids, so when Room 5 recently used some in their Science activity, it wasn’t surprising that the students were intensely interested.

Whenever kids are using the scientific method there are questions.

   In this case they were wondering what would happen if they added hot water to their skittles.

   As always, waiting is the hardest part!

You can see that the waiting paid off though!   

This class learned that the colorful candy shells bled in the hot water, creating a magical rainbow. 🌈

Parents are always looking for activities to try at home to mirror or parallel what is being done at school. This is a great activity for that! Very easy and brings up so many nice concepts. It was really fun for these youngsters, and tied into their art concepts as much as their experience with scientific inquiry and experimentation!

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