Swinging into Room 6!

September 15, 2017

Crossroads Center for Children, located at 1136 North Westcott Road in Schenectady, is finishing the second week of the fall session. 56 children, aged 2 to 12 years old, began a new school year last week, and many more will join next week and throughout the school year.

Because of the Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) programming that is the specialty at Crossroads, children with special developmental needs are well-served here, many making progress for the very first time. In the preschool classrooms, “typically” developing children also make excellent gains, and many times exceed expectations when they arrive at their kindergartens. Integrated preschool classrooms such as the ones at Crossroads are well-backed by research as to the benefits to students and society.

In each classroom, themes are interesting and aimed at maximizing student engagement. Skills relating to language, motor, academic concepts, behavior and socialization, and more, are targeted for acquisition, practice and repetition of the goals of each student.

This project from Room 6, one of seven preschool classrooms here, adorns the hallway outside their room this week. What a fun and inspiring project to engage young nursery and preschool children and proudly display their efforts. The kids each made their own monkey, putting together several body part pieces and adding facial features to make their unique product. So sweet and happy are these monkeys!

Thanks for your adorable monkey business, Room 6!

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