Super Hoopers in Room 5!

November 19, 2018

Check out these mad hoop skills!

Room 5 has been learning and practicing so many new activities since we got our new hoops as part of our Action for Healthy Kids GO Grant this fall.

First, Mrs. Kathy has them sit for instructions, and then she assigns them to a color. One at a time, each child jumps into his or her spot, and waits for the next directions.


She has them stand and take hold of their hoops, hold the hoops high and low, left, right and center. Each directional word is clearly instructed, so that the students are hearing the words as they engage physically with each direction.



She has them twirl on each arm and on their tummies. Everyone is engaged and trying hard. Their many times practicing are apparent and they are visibly pleased with the perfection of their skills.


Thanks to Action for Healthy Kids for our GO grant. This is just one of the new sets of PE equipment we were able to purchase with the grant, and you can see how wonderful it is!


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