Spotlight Room 8

October 21, 2016

FALL in Room 8

The most vibrant colors are seen in the FALL, and for students in Mrs. Susanna’s classroom, colors are very exciting!

IMG_5540R8spotlightRoom 8 students, mostly 4 year-olds, are eager to choose their favorite color, and Mrs. Susanna and her teaching team weave a creative palette of instruction to tie in their interest, all within a FALL theme!

Starting off with a song about different colors FALL apples can be, the children sing and imitate the actions Mrs. Susanna and Ms. Stephanie demonstrate. Demonstrating directions is super important for little ones, providing a visual model for what to do. The Room 8 teaching team shows step by step what is expected and the students are eager to please.




Following song time, kids transition to the art table for apple-printing. Red, yellow, and green paint palettes are ready with apple halves rigged with popsicle sticks. As the students exercise their creativity by gripping and plopping, they also practice identifying, naming, and choosing the colors arrayed. To boot, youngsters are using words or sounds to make requests, and interact with peers and teachers.

Mrs. Susanna tells how last week her class tasted red, green and yellow apples, as part of her Healthy Food Group. Next week, they will incorporate pumpkins!



After an art activity, students handle hand-washing, before returning to the table for a Math activity! They concentrate on 1:1 correspondence, number identification, matching, and counting, putting red, yellow, and green apples on FALL apple trees. Social skills are also addressed as students share the apples of favored colors, and help to clean up when it’s time to transition to Legos on the carpet.


IMG_5579R8spotlightIMG_5580R8spotlight   IMG_5571R8spotlight

There’s nothing like being asked by your teacher to get out the big basket of legos and pour them out onto the carpet for your friends! The children are excited to participate, and again follow directions for a host of skills: building, counting, getting a certain color, making a sound to ask for help, playing with new toys, placing a certain toy in a certain location…. these skills and more are drawn in a playful, fun and reinforcing manner.

IMG_55918spotlight IMG_5542R8spotlightYou can’t help but FALL in love with this vibrant bunch!

Thank you Mrs. Susanna, Ms. Stephanie, and Mrs. Katie for the wonderful work you do every day!  IMG_5584R8spotlight





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