Spotlight on the Business Office

November 07, 2017

There is a special duo here that is integral to the functioning of every department, and this SPOTLIGHT is on them!

So far, the Spotlight articles have all been on the classrooms and related services. After all, the direct care with the students here is what most people think of when they think about a school.

But this Spotlight is going to be different, and so will the next several ones coming up. This time the focus is on a department whose work is usually “behind the scenes.” They don’t normally get a lot of attention, but since every person and department at Crossroads Center for Children has regular interaction with this department, it’s high time this dynamo team is featured.   

Whether it’s billing, student enrollment, employee benefits, or any of many other responsibilities, the Business Office at Crossroads touches and supports us all, children and adults alike.

“We touch everything,” says Wendy. And it’s true. The Business Office deals with the school’s accounting, payables, receivables, expenditures, insurances, human resources and much, much more.

Despite the bulk of work that Wendy and Tammy manage on a daily basis, they never are short on smiles or hugs for the employees at Crossroads. As Crossroads is a small organization, the Business Office here does the job that would be typical for a Human Resources department in a larger organization. So for example, the background checks for new hires, the employee benefits and payroll, and pep talks and happy faces for anyone in need.

Wendy’s favorite things about her work are the numbers. Numbers are involved in employee time and attendance, and in the budget, that keeps the school operating. “Numbers don’t lie,” she notes. “Numbers give you control of what you’re doing. You know where you’re going, where you’ve been, what you’ve done.” The very most important thing is ethics in her position. Confidentiality is critical in regard to her daily work and she takes it seriously. Overall, Wendy observes with a grin that her work  satisfies the “control freak” in her.

She tells a sweet story about when she came to Crossroads: “I just started, and there was a little girl, Carol  (name changed). She used to run in and hug me, and I loved seeing her so much.  Though I learned later that it was a behavior that her team had to manage and alter – eloping, running off and away from her parents, teachers, wasn’t safe and they were working on it – I felt such a strong compassion for her, for her family, for what it must be like for them. I like learning about the kids, and helping them to do well. I’m invested here. My husband and I do a lot for the school, for the kids and families. I think of the parents and I want to help them.

For Tammy, the best part of her work is the area of human resource tasks that she does. She enjoys interacting with the staff here, and helping them with everything from their nametags to their health insurance. Tammy is the one who also orders the supplies and materials needed throughout the school, who keeps track of who is spending how much for what, whether for our Healthy Food Program, our iPads, or our classroom supplies, and who collects and sorts the puzzle bucks that employees write out and submit to positively reinforce each other for going above and beyond at work.

Wendy and Tammy are greatly appreciated here, for crunching numbers, providing smileys, checking backgrounds, ordering supplies, managing the shopping cards, and so very much more! Thanks Business Office for all you do!

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