Spotlight Classroom 3

September 27, 2016

Room 3 – Amazing apples!

IMG_5214- Rm3  IMG_5415 Room3  IMG_5418 Room3

Meet Room 3 teacher, Melissa, and her devoted team, Kevin, Meggie, and Jessica. And their bushel of energetic, curious, and happy students!

IMG_5210- Rm3It’s the beginning of the school year, and Ms. Melissa’s class is off to a great start. Their back-to-school theme is APPLES. One of their appetizing activities is the “DO YOU LIKE?” song. Integrating use of an iPad, music, and group interaction, Ms. Melissa presents a series of images of foods, and asks the children if they like each, if it’s Yucky or Yummy? When you are on the younger side of 4 years old, using words might be new to you. Learning to talk about the new foods you are trying is a pretty awesome arena.

Yucky or Yummy is really something to think, isn’t it? IMG_5427 Room3Especially when you think about an apple, a banana, or an asparagus sandwich!

Melissa relates that the kids enjoy acting out their responses, and its away to begin to explore some different foods. What a fantastic way to introduce new foods! IMG_5405 Room3

The Room 3 team works on a variety of skills with their tots. Sharing, turn-taking, play skills, social skills, using words, imitating actions, safety and body awareness, and more. IMG_5414 Room3  Melissa works on teaching her students to respond to directions like Stop and Go, walk in line, stay with the teacher, and quiet raising your hand.  IMG_5416 Room3 IMG_5403 Room3 Youngsters are working on identifying and labeling animals by their sounds , naming animals, and answering where does it go? IMG_5230- Rm3  IMG_5222- Rm3 There are lots of great visual cues in the classroom, as well as a wonderful amount of positive reinforcement!     IMG_5215- Rm3

IMG_5412 Room3 For sure, Room 3 is the apple of our eye! IMG_5413 Room3 IMG_5400 Room3

IMG_5402 Room3

Thank you Ms. Melissa and the excellent team in Room 3 or your important work with Crossroads Center for Children.