Special Olympics Young Athletes Program at Crossroads!

June 10, 2022


Our End of Year Celebration went off without a hitch!

Ha ha! It was certainly a lot of changes and refiguring out of things on our end, so hitches there were.

But the day was fun, full of excited kids and proud parents, and we are grateful beyond words for the help of everyone, from parents who volunteered, staff who were flexible and determined to make it work, parents and other family members who attended, students who worked hard all year, and especially to the Rotterdam Police Department, and Special Olympics New York for being with us and supporting us so well.

We did not have press here, nor did Special Olympics take pictures, so these are the only pictures we’ll see publicly!


5.1.22   End of Year Celebration!

Parents and guardians, we invite you to attend and observe our students as they engage in centers and receive an award, to celebrate a year of progress with our Special Olympics program and our Healthy Food Program.

Please bring your own chair and set yourself up at any spot you’d like. We ask that our audience stay stationary as much as possible to decrease distractions to our students.

Special Olympics and HFP invitation  – please RSVP to your child’s teacher by Monday 6/6! Ask what time your class’s time slot is.

The celebration will begin at 9:45 with remarks from Kelly Young and the Director of Special Olympics Upstate NY, Ryan Miller.  There will be three classes per half hour slot, all rotating through all the centers, and then receiving their awards. A simple but healthy buffet will be available for everyone.

Please rsvp by Monday June 6th to your teacher to help us plan.

6.5.22 Balloon Basket Ball

Ready for an activity to drill both aim and patience? This team from Room 12 has a game where they shoot for the hula hoop, using balloons. As you can imagine, the balloons float and bob, and don’t always go where you want them to. As challenging as it is fun, these guys had a blast!

3.15.2022 More HoopStars!

It’s a close game indeed, with students from Room 3 practicing pushing their balls up and into the basket. We love this 3 leveled hoop contraption, which builds in success as well as increasing challenge.

The hoop skills alone build upper body strength in children, but that’s not all that basketball offers. Check out the following article found on ActiveKids.com, which has a neat slideshow to portray 8 main benefits of playing the sport. Granted our Room 3 kiddos are just starting out with the sport, but everything starts with the first step.


1.24.22 Shoot the Hoop!

Room 5‘s “A” is working on his swish skills! Knowing how to tip in a close-up shot is one thing, but now he’s seeing improvements when he’s standing a ways away, thanks to the help of TA, Ms. Gayblue. We love to see the way our kids are growing using the Special Olympics Young Athletes program!

11.24.21 Target Practice

Throwing an object and hitting a target is something that the boys in Room 11 greatly enjoy, and are getting to be experts at. The targets are creatively made by the students; using animal bean bags from our Special OlympicsYoung Athletes Program supplies, they take turns throwing and hitting and critiquing each other in a respectful manner for future improvement of technique. Fun to play and also to watch!


10.20.21 Batter Up

Can you move a ball by striking it with a bat? If the ball is moving towards you it’s pretty darn tricky for beginners, so it’s best to start out with a stationary ball. Here, students from Room 4 are doing just that. They are learning to perfect the motion of swinging at a target – the ball – and moving it. A super job, “S” and “L”!


9.8.21 Taking Aim With Bean Bags

One skill students work on in P.E. (physical education) is throwing at a target, a skill that can be broken down into sub-skills that have to be learned first, such as general throwing, aiming, hitting a target, and retrieving an object that has been thrown. Room 11 kicked it into high gear today with this fun and high-energy target practice at signs made by the kids and teachers. The two boys here, V and M, had a blast rotating through the targets, taking turns as well as throwing in tandem. Much excitement was expressed and Heather, the teacher assistant with them at this activity was proud of their ability to demonstrate positive social skills while notching up their young athleticism.

8.24.21 Ball Rolling Gets Points for Social Skills

Building successful lives, one play activity at a time

7.22.21 Rainy Day/ Parachute Play

We’ve been getting an abnormally high amount of rain this month, but our teachers and therapists know how to make the best of days when they can’t get outside with their kiddos.
For instance, Room 11 had a blast with Parachute games one day. Lifting the chute up and lowering it again builds upper body strength while running underneath can help with core strength. There are tons of games to play using the parachute and Room 11 certainly had fun experimenting.



Special Olympics student athletes celebrate mental and physical progress

6.9.2021 Congratulations to our Young Athletes!

What a wonderful morning we had here! It all occurred under or around a huge tent set up on our lawn, with about 30 parents attending at various points of the celebration. 9 parent volunteers were with us to manage the centers. Several team members from Special Olympics were here with us, and Channel 10’s Guiliana Bruno and cameraman, Trent, were here to cover the story. What a wonderful group of people!

First, Kelly Young, our Executive Director, and Stacey Hengsterman, CEO of Special Olympics, opened the day with remarks, both sharing appreciation for the partnership between Special Olympics and Crossroads that has been in the making over the past few years. Stacey presented Kelly with a gift for the school; a striping machine and paint will be used to carry out a long wanted project of creating a walking path around the perimeter of our parking lot for students to use in a walking program. Ryan Miller, Director of Program, Capital District and North Country, introduced Officer Pat Keogh from the Rotterdam Police Department, who attended to present the students with award ribbons.

There were three activity centers, staffed by parent volunteers. Classrooms came outside three at a time, rotated through the three activities, and then moved together to a fourth center which was the awards. Students were given their ribbons one at a time, and everyone present cheered. After awards, the classes moved on to the last center, a Healthy Food center, for delicious snacks. The program ran from 9:45 to 12, allowing for all 12 classrooms to participate.

We’re so very proud of the children for the gains they’ve made this year using the curriculum and materials we have from Special Olympics. What a wonderful way to celebrate their accomplishments. Please enjoy our pictures, below, as well as the pictures from Special Olympics https://specialolympicsny.smugmug.com/Capital/Competition/2021-Young-Athletes-Event-at-Crossroads-Center/i-KvfNZBx . We’ll update with a link to Channel 10’s story as soon as we can.


6.8.2021 Masks are no longer to be required for tomorrow’s celebration.

Masks are no longer to be required for tomorrow’s celebration, as the celebration will take place outdoors. Today, we received notice that schools no longer need to require masks when outside, although when inside masks will continue to be required.

Click to read more:

REOPENING PLAN (and other COVID-19 Updates)

6.7.2021 SOYA Video!

You might remember that a bunch of months back we asked for videos to send in to Special Olympics to be used in a hip-hop video. We just received the link to the video, and are so excited to share it! You can see students of Crossroads at these markers: 1:10, 3:26 (on the right side of the frame), and 4:08. What a wonderful finished product, and one that we’re so proud to have contributed to!

6.7.21 Celebration Press Releases

The following press announcement were written by Special Olympics Media Contact: Casey Vattimo with input from Crossroads.

Crossroads YA Advisory          Crossroads YA Press Release

6.1.2021 End of Year Celebration!


Parents and guardians, we invite you to attend and observe our students as they engage in centers and receive an award, to celebrate a year of progress with our Special Olympics program and our Healthy Food Program.

As schools are still mandated to follow stricter guidelines than other industries, all visitors will be required to wear masks and distance at 6 feet from others.

Please bring your own chair and set yourself up at any spot you’d like. We ask that observers stay stationary as much as possible to decrease distractions to our students.

The celebration will begin at 9:45 with remarks from Kelly Young and the CEO of Special Olympics, Stacey Hengsterman.  There will be three classes per half hour slot, all rotating through all the centers, the last center being the awards.

Special Olympics and HFP invitation

Please rsvp by Monday June 7th to your teacher to help us plan.

Thank you, Vicki Ramotar, Resource Development Specialist vickir@crossroadcenter.org


5.20.21 Special Olympics and Healthy Food Celebration planned for June 9th.

We’re excited that our students have done so well with their SOYA (Special Olympics Young Athletes) and HFP (Healthy Food Program) skills this year. We are planning a celebration for the morning of Wednesday, June 9th with activity centers that the children will rotate through. Children will be presented by Special Olympics with a special commemoration of their success.

5.11.21 Hide and Seek with Items.

Hiding and finding each other is one thing but it can be hard to hide in a classroom. Here’s an activity that combines hide and seek with fitness. Room 11 here has a set of items that they use each time they play this game. Students take turns hiding a wiffle ball, a circular base, a scarf and a cow bean bag. The others all go to a spot in the room and hide their eyes while the hider is placing the items. When everything is hidden, the seekers come out and find them.

Over the course of this school year, students have become increasingly better at helping each other find the items, knowing whose turn is next, and reminding each other of rules like not looking when the hider is hiding things. Although they aren’t running and jumping, the students are all over the room in this activity, so there is a lot of low impact movement.

4.5.21 Bowling with Blocks.

Bowling pins are great, sure, but they tend to scatter far and wide when hit with the ball, sending someone scurrying to pick them up and creating opportunities for loss of order in the session. That’s why this bowling hack from Special Olympics is so incredibly wonderful: using the rubber building blocks instead. They simply get knocked down, and maybe move a little bit, but they don’t roll endlessly down the hall and so on.

Here is a session with Ms. Heather and “C” and “J” bowling this way and having a blast. The boys get to perfect their aim and force of the roll just as well as with pins.

The other great thing about these bricks is that they serve so many purposes. From hurdles to boundaries to walls to goals, they can be used to help students work on P.E. (Physical Education) skills.

3.30.21 Soccer and Basketball Skills!

The students in Room 13 are learning to kick a ball to another person, trap it, and kick it towards a goal. Student “G” really loves this one-on-one soccer play, and his skills are getting stronger every day.

The class is also working on putting a ball into a hoop, and again, G is delighted with learning this skill. He and M take turns with the hoop, which is at a distance and height meant for errorless learning, and which will be gradually increased to challenge at a pace appropriate for the students’ development of skills.

With the curriculum and equipment we’ve received from Special Olympics, we are able to offer quality Physical Education programming in every classroom. Classes are using their own spaces at this time, including outside. Enjoy our pics today!

3.22.21 We’re happy to share another free public Special Olympics Young Athletes program that they are offering next month. This is a great opportunity for some of our students.

Young Athletes Flyer – World Class

2.25.21 TeeBall!

There are complex skills involved in team sports, from learning the mechanics of the sport itself, to following rules, including those of social interactions, good sportsmanship, and coping with disappointment. Here at Crossroads, teaching teams are working on all of those skills, a little bit at a time.

Recently, Room 11 worked on Teeball skills. As our gym has been converted to additional clinic space in order to distance and separate students, and since classrooms are not mingling in any common spaces to prevent contact contamination, you’ll see that the team has pushed back tables and desks to increase space for the game. That said, you’ll also see the students having an absolute blast.

2.8.21 Obstacles Galore!

An obstacle course can be simple, with one challenge or two. It can also be more complex with multiple pieces of equipment and directions along the way. Room 5 recently had a course with several tasks to do. Children were given  classroom  directions with a model at the get-go and then took turns to go through the course. In the pictures, you can see the students using hoops to jump into, and climb through. There are hurdles and a balance beam section. In addition to practicing their physical finesse, students also get a stab at sitting and waiting for others,  rooting them on, learning from each other, and being the one others are watching, all skills that are formative for later school skills.

2.2.21 Balance Beauty!

When the students in Room 12 practiced their balance beam skills recently, each student had a turn. Children got to walk the entire length of the beams, and then back. These balance beams are soft matt beams that support the weight of the children and are low to the floor, so there is no danger of a real fall.

In addition to doing a great job on their balancing, these kiddos also did a beautiful job of helping each other throughout. At Crossroads, teachers are always looking for opportunities to target social skills, which are important in life. The chance to work on social skills and PE skills at the same time was a “double-dip” opportunity with a beautiful balance.


1.29.21 Over, Under, and Through!

Learners in Room 6 are working on concepts of simple spatial prepositions, such as under, over, on, in, and through. By setting up these hurdles at different heights, teachers gave their students a workout with kinesthetic learning of the terms. Kids had fun jumping over, crawling under, and climbing through the tunnel. Playground balls were used to busy children in between turns and practice waiting.

Love these action shots from Ms. Taylor!

1.25.21 Parachute and Through-the-Hoop!

Room 1 contains some of our youngest children, and the term “contain” is used loosely for sure when you experience this highly active group of boys. They love to move and their lessons are wonderfully action-oriented to utilize well their kinesthetic energy.

That’s why the Special Olympics Young Athletes curriculum works so nicely for this class. Each morning’s Physical Education slot is filled with motor activities that will help build lifelong physical fitness and sports skills. This particular session found them enjoying two activities. The parachute portion required kiddos to grasp the rungs of the chute, lifting and lowering, shaking and shimmying as requested by the teacher. They got to go underneath at one point, something that brought about big merriment and laughter. Following the parachute, the students were given some practice with beginning basketball skills. After choosing a beanbag animal they gave it a toss to put it through the hoop which was held by a teacher. This led to other objects going through the hoop, naturally, and to teachable moments regarding hard and soft, safe and not.

Great job engaging, assisting, teaching, and making it fun, Room 1!

1.11.21 Obstacle Course!

Room 11 had a blast recently with an obstacle course they set up to create a diverse set of challenges and to give students an opportunity to cheer each other on. Using some of the items that were recently obtained from our partnership with Special Olympics New York, they engaged in running, picking up, and turning, all with a spirit of teamwork and fun.

Please leave a comment to cheer on our students as they build skills in all the areas that are important in life!

12.8.2020 Parachute Play!

The students in Room 5 are enjoying their Special Olympics activities, especially the parachute. Working together as a group, they can bounce objects in the middle of the parachute, move things with little bounces or big jumps, bring it up high or down low, and roll objects across the parachute to each other by lifting and lowering the chute. The best part is when everyone billows the parachute all the way up…. and then one or two get to go underneath, very quickly, and back out before the billow goes away and the chute comes back down!

Photo credits to Room 5 – thanks for sharing. 

12.3.2020 Obstacle Races!

Recently we received a HUGE shipment from Special Olympics to help us through the school year. With classes not mixing with each other, this year’s grant gave us a classroom kit for each classroom. MANY thanks to Ryan Miller and everyone at Special Olympics  for this awesome supply of physical education materials!!!

Here’s a note from Mrs. Lindsay, Room 14′s Special Education teacher:

“Students have really been enjoying the Special Olympics materials we received! They have been setting up obstacle courses for races in the hallway! I attached pictures of them racing too! :)”

— Lindsay Gotham

Thanks for sharing with us, Room  14! We love seeing your activities!

10.29.2020 A Special Opportunity!

As proud friends of Special Olympics NY, we are happy to share a special opportunity, just in!

“There are 12 spots available and it’s first-come, first-serve. The class is managed and coached by 5 SUNY Albany students/interns who are using Young athletes as a class project – pretty cool stuff.”


Location: World Class Gymnastics Academy – Address630 Columbia St Ext # 1, Latham, NY 12110

Days: Saturdays for 6 weeks

Dates: 11/7 – 12/19…..no class on 11/28

Time: 4:30 – 5:30

Open To: Children with and without intellectual disabilities ages 2-7

Reminder: Masks must be worn at all times and safe social distancing must be practiced


Young Athletes is a sport and play program for individuals with and without intellectual disabilities between the ages of 2 and 7 years old. It provides children of all abilities the same opportunities to advance in core developmental milestones. Children learn how to play with others and develop important skills for learning. Children also learn to share, take turns and follow directions. Young Athletes welcomes children and their families into the world of Special Olympics.

  • Motor skills. Children with intellectual disabilities who took part in Young Athletes developed motor skills more than twice as fast as others who did not take part.
  • Social, emotional and learning skills. Parents and teachers of children who took part in the Young Athletes curriculum said the children learned skills that they will use in pre-primary school.
  • Expectations. Family members say that Young Athletes raised their hopes for their child’s future.
  • Sport readiness. Young Athletes helps children get ready to take part in sports when they are older.
  • Acceptance. Inclusive play helps

Registration Link: Young Athletes Registration

Ryan S. Miller, C.A.A. | Director of ProgramCapital District and North Country
94 New Karner Road, Suite 208, Albany, NY 12203
O: 518.388.0790 ext. 8142 F: 518.930.4883


10.25.20 You should be dancing!

We were invited to submit short video clips of students participating in movement activities, for possible inclusion in a MUSIC VIDEO our friends at Special Olympics NY are making. The music video will be their theme song. We asked three students to perform the movements that Special Olympics asked for, and we love these videos. Even if they aren’t selected (which we hope they will be) we wanted you all to have the chance to enjoy them! Click on each one to watch!

student 1

student 2

student 3

student 3



Crossroads is excited to be partnering with Special Olympics NY again this year. Program Director Ryan Miller met with our staff on Thursday to provide an overview and a review of the Young Athletes program.

And classes are off to a great start! Room 3 sent pictures of their balance beam activity. Children are learning to balance their bodies, and walk on a straight path. They enjoyed it and found it challenging at the same time.

The video below is one you can use to try this at home or in your classroom to work on these skills. Coach Emily provides simple adaptations in case you don’t have the balance beam equipment, too.

10.2.2020 Back to school and the Fall Session is well underway. Classes here are engaging in fitness activities each day both inside and out. We’ll be posting some Young Athletes stories from our classrooms again soon!

8.21.2020 Wow! Where did the year go? Today is the last day of summer program and just like that, it will soon be September again!

We’ve used the Special Olympics Young Athletes curriculum at Crossroads for a full year now. The activities are awesome, and the materials are fun. The program is flexible, and our teachers have done a fantastic job picking and choosing what works best for their very individualized classroom programs. We’re thankful to Ryan Miller and his team at Special Olympics, NY in Albany; he has been amazingly supportive and helpful to us.

We had planned to have all our parents in for a culminating event at the end of the school year. COVID-19 changed our plans. However, we encourage all of our families to get involved in this program by using the videos for at home fitness and looking into their other resources as well. Special Olympics offers so much that our kids can benefit from, both now and in the future, and it’s a great opportunity to make those connections now while they are young.

We’ll hope to have that culminating event another time! Thanks for a great year with Young Athletes!

Young Athletes

7.13.2020 With many of our children coming back, and many continuing to learn at home remotely, we just want to encourage all of our kids to keep active! At school, teachers are getting their classes lots of movement and outside time, and using Special Olympics materials and curriculum too. Parents, please consider using the awesome activities that are recorded for you on the Special Olympics NY Young Athletes page linked below. The videos are short and sweet and easy for your child to do in any space, inside or out.

Young Athletes

6.1.2020 Our students have enjoyed using the Young Athletes program at school this year, and their AT-HOME videos are super.

From their website:

Young Athletes focuses on the following skills:

      • Foundational Skills (strength, flexibility and body awareness)
      • Walking and Running
      • Balance and Jumping
      • Trapping and Catching
      • Throwing
      • Striking
      • Kicking
      • Advanced Sport Skills

They are putting out new videos all the time, so please check their website to see what’s new!

Young Athletes

5.19.2020 We are looking for several parents to help us to carry out Young Athletes at home for 8 weeks.

This is a call for help from any of our parents of kids in our program to engage in some wonderful YoungAthletes videos that have been published recently by our friends at Special Olympics NY! We are seeking a handful of parents to do one or 2 activities from the series per week, and provide some simple information to be shared with our Special Olympics partners. This would help us to qualify for another year of grant appropriation from them allowing us to continue to expand our Physical Education and fitness equipment for the kids. Just scroll down to see some of the impact this program has had for us this year. Please click the link and check out some of the videos, and get in touch with VickiR@Crossroadcenter.org if you think you could help. Thank you so much.

5.12.2020 We’re thrilled to share that our friends at Special Olympics have created a series of videos that are short and fun and geared to give kids the exercise they need while learning at home!

From the Young Athletes page, here are some wonderful sessions to do at home with children of all abilities!  https://www.specialolympics-ny.org/community/young-athletes/

Foundational Skills

Have fun! Let us know how you’re doing and what your child likes best!

4.29.2020 Special Olympics has launched their video series for conducting physical education activities at home.

Crossroads has been partnering with Special Olympics New York for over a year now. We are proud to share these resources with our audience, and are hoping to be part of this remote series of videos that are to come.



Young Athletes At Home is here! These free resources will help children improve their mental and physical development while also teaching the value of inclusion. Learn more here: https://bit.ly/2ySKaCk.

Posted by Special Olympics NY on Tuesday, 28 April 2020

Physical Fitness has never been more fun!

Scroll to see some of our Physical Education activities at Crossroads through our partnership with Special Olympics.


3.12.2020 Balance is the key to a happy life (and gym class).

We’re so lucky to have the awesome supplies and curriculum from Special Olympics Young Athletes at Crossroads this year. Here, we have some activity pictures from Room 6 to share. Students have physical education / fitness time every day, but of course we don’t always have an opportunity to capture images of everything. Thanks so much to Mrs. Jennifer, the Special Education teacher in Room 6, for sharing pictures of her students as they recently worked on balance skills in one of the pictured lessons, and basketball skills in another. Classmates enjoy the materials and activities very much, she relates.

We’re so thankful to Special Olympics for the awesome materials, and to LifeSong for putting together the new hoops!

2.21.2020 Crossroads is very thankful to our friends at Special Olympics for the donation of 3 brand new Mattel preschool basketball hoops for our students. We will have a lot of fitness fun shooting hoops in the coming months.


The Special Olympics team from our Albany area and from Washington DC are to be thanked for all that they do to support our school!

We are looking for a handy volunteer to put the hoops together for us! If you are interested, please call Vicki at 518-280-0083 ext. 126. Thanks! All that is needed is a Phillips screwdriver.

2.3.20 Bowling us over!

Room 8 recently contributed the post below to describe the fun they are having with the new Special Olympics materials. Thank you to Ms. Shannon for writing this, as well as for sending pictures to put up!

Our Class has enjoyed playing:

  • Bowling: Bowling is a huge hit in our room. Many students enjoy throwing the ball and many students are working on goals such as waiting for a turn which is great for bowling. We play bowling in the hallway. Each student sits against the wall then one student is called to roll the ball while the other students are cheering them on. This game has taught our children to wait for a turn and to cheer for others. We have also played three pin bowling which our children enjoy due to the fact that we use different color cones for them to throw a ball at.
  • Target Practice: Our children have really enjoyed “Target Practice.” They enjoy throwing the bean bag at the wall and they try to hit a piece of paper that is higher than the last target. This has been great for students with ID Shape goals due to the fact that we tape different shapes onto the wall and then yell out a shape for the child to throw their bean bag to.
  • Kick Ball or Run the Bases: Is a huge hit in our room! All of our children enjoy kicking the ball then running to the different colored cones. The cones help students with ID Color goals due to the fact that we will yell out different colors for the students to run to.

Our classroom has really enjoyed the materials and the different activities that are now available to us through Special Olympics.

1.14.20 Magic Carpet Ride 

Motor skills, team-building skills, and a whole lot of fun was had in Room 12 recently, when they did the Magic Carpet Ride activity from the Special Olympics Young Athletes curriculum.

Each student had turns to sit on a blanket, grasping the edges, and going on a magic carpet ride around the room. They had a chance to experience fast and slow, round paths and wiggly ones. One student also gave a ride to his stuffed animal. Some of the students also were able to be pullers, with some help. Much laughter was heard throughout this activity!

12.12.19 Spot Dash 

Combining speedy movements with shape and color recognition, Room 5 had a blast with this activity. Students were required to use attending skills throughout the game, in addition to social skills such as group cooperation and good sportsmanship.

Each student was given their own spot at the get-go of the game. Then, when Ms. Rebecca called for it, they all had to run to find a spot that was a stated color, or had a certain shape on it. There was only one student allowed on a spot at each turn, however there were enough spots for everyone, so if someone got beat out to the spot, they just had to keep looking.

11.25.19 I Spy With My Little Eye

A Special Olympics brain-break activity in Room 14 today was a chance to work on attending skills and physical education skills at the same time. Students were asked to listen for their name called by Ms. Lindsay, and then to move in a requested manner to get a specific size and color bean bag, and deposit into a container.

So, during “Z’s” turns, he got to bear walk, log roll and crab walk to get a little purple, a big green and a little yellow bean bag. “N” got to twirl, jump and stand on one foot then the other to find the big blue, little red and big purple ones.

The students did a great job and were able to show off their superstar skills to visitors, Ryan Miller and Jennifer Frame from Special Olympics!

Parents, are YOU seeing any of the benefits of our fitness programming since we’ve started using the Special Olympics materials and curriculum this year? We’d love to hear your feedback! Please comment below!

11.13.19 Dribble & Score!

Room 11 is making some great gains with their soccer skills! Learning to dribble between the cones, trap the ball, give controlled kicks, and kick to a goal… these are some of the tasks being worked on here. The best part? Practicing teamwork! Nice work, Room 11!


10.25.19 A Balancing Act!

One of the lessons in our new Special Olympics Young Athletes curriculum improves balance. The balance beams, though, are very different from what most of us think of. These are foam-filled and include Velcro, so that the teachers can set up the beams in a different path each time they use them.

The foam makes them a little squishy to the feet, so students really have to work their balancing senses as they walk. Don’t worry though – if someone “falls off” this balance beam it’s only a couple of inches and the child can get right back on!

Super cute lesson; thanks to Room 3 for the pictures!

We’re proud of our partnership with Special Olympics!

10.4.19 Well organized storage!

We’re finally organized in the gym. Many thanks to everyone who has helped with setting up. Looking good!

9.27.19 Ready for ACTION!

We have been super busy here getting ready to start our Special Olympics Young Athletes program! We’ve been putting together cabinets, organizing the materials, and wow are the kids excited to get going! And today, Ms. Melissa, Room 3’s Special Education teacher brought in THIS!
THIS is a unique, hand made BALL HOLDER! THIS innovation will help teachers to easily find the exact ball that they want for their activity, and facilitate a quick and simple cleanup process for the students at the end of their gym slot.  Melissa designed it and built it herself! 

Additionally, some of the classrooms are already done with their assessments for Special Olympics. Each class has a skill set to measure, so we’ll be able to measure growth later in the year. When we share our data with Special Olympics, they will be able to see how well the curriculum is working. Our parents will also be able to see the gains that our students make by using the Special Olympics program. 

Look soon for pictures of the classrooms engaging in the activities, too! 

Go here for Young Athletes activities.


8.27.19 Guess what came in today? 

It’s really exciting when a delivery comes for you, and we have just gotten a BIG delivery of the materials for our Special Olympics Young Athletes program

It’s still in boxes, until the cabinet comes for proper storage. We’ll have everything set up in the gym and teachers will have what they need to implement an awesome new Physical Education curriculum here. Read below to learn more about the Young Athletes program at Crossroads! 

Stay tuned for how it’s going!

8.1.19  Being an athlete has never been more exciting!

We’re happy to announce that we are partnering with Special Olympics for the 2019-20 school year!

After several months of meeting, planning and training, we will be ready in September to implement the Special OlympicsYoung Athletes Program at Crossroads.

Why we chose to implement this opportunity:

  • The curriculum aligns well with Crossroad’s mission of preparing students for success in their lives, and gives staff wonderful, adapted PE materials and activities to do with students.
  • It ties in with our mission of helping kids be successful – and fit and healthy – in life.
  • This partnership with S.O. will benefit our students and families now and in the future, giving them an important connection and resource as they transition away from Crossroads.
  • The curriculum is full of great adapted sports and physical activities, and following it will give teachers a plan for gym that is researched and easy to implement. Activities can be picked and chosen, shortened and lengthened, and they are created with kids like ours in mind.
  • Partnerships with other respected organizations increases our credibility and public perception as an organization and school.
  • When we complete the training portion, we will be able to get the full kit of materials to use for PE/gym classes, and next spring, we will also get tee-shirts for our students to wear for a culminating activity.
  • The training provides valuable preparation for leading physical education activities with our students.
  • Extensive research showing benefits to children who participate, to families and to peers.
  • It is cost-free for us!

We are thankful to Ryan Miller at Special Olympics New York for his patience and help throughout this process! 

Please come back! We’ll update this post to share how it’s going!
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