Special Education

  • Special Education

    Crossroads Center for Children offers educational programs rich with opportunities for incidental learning. A highly supportive and structured teaching environment has been established in which children thrive off of predictability and consistency. High teacher to students ratios allow staff to provide individualized attention and arrange the environment in ways that promote spontaneous language. Least to most prompting techniques are utilized to encourage verbal behaviors. All instruction is customized to address the goals established on each student ‘s Individualized Family Service Plan (IFSP) or Individualized Education Program (IEP). These documents are then used to help develop an Individualized Goal Plan. This plan helps guide instruction that is created to meet their unique needs and monitor progress. Students are taught cognitive, adaptive, social-emotional, receptive and expressive language, as well as fine and gross motor skills. Techniques of applied behavior analysis (ABA) are utilized to accomplish this.

    ABA services can be delivered in many different ways ranging from individually in a one-to -one teaching arrangement (discrete trial training) to within a large group setting (incidental teaching). Although the classrooms operate like typical school classrooms, techniques of ABA are utilized throughout the entire day with a focus on building skills through positive reinforcement, reducing problem behaviors by identifying their function and setting up the environment to prevent them.