Social Skills Development

October 10, 2021

Social Skills Development takes many forms. This spot is where we’ll share stories from our classrooms and therapy areas about how our students are making gains every day in the area of social, emotional, and communication skills. Please leave a comment of encouragement for our staff, students, and families.  ♥

10.10.21 Lego Centers

Children and even many adults enjoy legos. Teachers love to use legos to address color identification, patterning, and building in increasing numbers of blocks. Legos offer fine motor work, problem-solving opportunities, and challenges that relate to engineering. (Check out a cool article below from MIT).

Here in this blog spot, we focus on and can certainly see the many social benefits of playing together in a group with legos. For one thing, being in a group gives students the opportunity to observe what others are doing, and exchange creative ideas. For another, when there is sharing and turn-taking involved, kids learn the balance of advocating for themselves and also thinking of others. Another social aspect at play here is the one of learning to work as a group to build a common project, and yet another is the flow of language as words to describe color, size, shape, and design concepts flow.

Here Room 5 has 3 tables set with different lego tasks at each. Enjoy their cuteness as we show off their progress!

What do Legos have to do with engineering?

9.6.2021 Building play skills

What? Vacation daycare play centers.

When? Over the end of summer break.

Why? Because helping children be successful in life is our mission.

Where? Crossroads Center for Children.

How? By providing structure and guidance, supervision and modeling during play and interactions, our young learners were given opportunities to play and engage with new toys, new friends, and in new places. These experiences coupled with the support of the teachers and therapists lead to the development of the social skills for the children.

How are your child’s social skills growing? What do they like to do? Who do they enjoy interacting with? Leave a comment!

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