Sinks Are Now Installed in Rooms 13 and 14.

January 26, 2021

1.26.2021 We are proud to display a sign on the wall over each of our new sinks! Thank you to Matt at Matthew’s Signs for his fine work and fair prices, we are able to beautifully thank those who supported this important project!


1.5.2021 New Sinks!

Thanks to grants to help with our increased health and safety needs this year, we are delighted to share that we’ve had sinks installed in the two classrooms that did not previously have them.

Rooms 13 and 14, when added onto our space in the building a few years back, were situated across from two large bathrooms, one for girls and one for boys, both with multi-stalls and multi-sinks. The classrooms themselves did not have sinks in them, and teaching school-aged students to transition from the classroom to another space for toileting, activities of daily living, and handwashing was a goal that all embraced.  However, that goal became near obsolete within the age of COVID-19. Handwashing in between all classroom activities as well as after using the restroom, and before eating became a new norm, as did one-person use of the centralized bathroom, even for hand-washing.

For these reasons, Mrs. Kelly, our Executive Director knew it was important for Crossroads to have sinks in these two rooms, and, thinking in terms of maximum affordability, grant requests were submitted for many COVID-related health and safety needs, including portable sinks. A conversation with our landlords, The Galesi Group, began to lay plans for installing portable sinks in the two classrooms, and possibly at the front entrance.

We were delighted to win two different grants that would help cover this purpose, one from CDPHP and one from The Schenectady Foundation. Further talks with Galesi led to them offering to do the installation work pro bono if we would consider purchasing real sinks rather than portable ones. This was agreed on, and voila, the new sinks were installed over the Christmas break in Rooms 13 and 14. For now, the entryway sink plan is on hold, as it seems somewhat unnecessary considering our current processes for entering the building are going so well.

There are other items in the works that have been purchased and will be purchased from these two grants and others, to help us deal with the increased expenses COVID has brought about, but right now, these sinks are making the day for everyone involved. The teachers and T.A.s say they absolutely love them. Handwashing became a whole lot easier, safer, and more enjoyable. For students learning handwashing skills, being able to watch others go through the process is aiding their learning, and more reinforcing when others join in on remarking upon their progress with the steps of turning on the water, pumping soap, lathering, rinsing, drying, and so on.

Here are some pictures for you to enjoy. Everyone who knows us will realize how much we appreciate being able to keep our students as safe and sound as possible and that we’re deeply grateful to those who help us to do so. So thank you again, CDPHP and TSF for helping us buy these sinks and so many other things – thermometers, bleach, wipes, etc. – to provide us with health and wellness now and for many years to come. Thank you again to The Galesi Group for doing this amazingly beautiful work for us for nothing but our gratitude. We are humbled and overjoyed.



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