Shamrock Moves - a physical education activity in preschool

March 16, 2018

When it comes to incorporating a seasonal classroom theme such as St. Patrick’s Day into your regularly occurring classroom routines and schedules, Shamrock Moves is an physical education activity that is sure to be a hugely magical delight for little ones.  

At Crossroads, all of the classrooms – both preschool and school age – have a daily Physical Education group on their classroom schedule.   This is the time of the day that the gym is theirs, and it tends to be a favorite time for the students. When weather allows, going outside for Gym time is always enjoyed. Whether indoors or out, students enjoy a host of physical activities and group games from bikes and cars to kickball and everything in between.

Recently Rooms 6 & 8 were spotted having some major St. Patrick’s Day fun with movements and shamrocks.  Their Shamrock Moves activity was a huge hit. Mrs. Susannah, Room 8’s teacher and Mrs. Meghan, Room 6’s teacher asked their students to raise their hands for a turn. 

  Once a hand was raised each child had a chance to chose a shamrock.  On each shamrock was written an action word, which teachers had prepared ahead of time. Words like run, wiggle, jump, tiptoe and hop. There were many choices, and a vast array of movements! Once selected the whole group of children got to act out the word. The gym became alive with jumping, wiggling and running children, and then with a clap to call them back together, all went back to sitting positions against the wall to wait for the next choice. Children love it when their lessons and activities are connected through a theme, and our teachers and therapists are experts at incorporating so many different skills into their lesson plans. In this activity alone, kids had a chance to work on physical activity skills first of all. But they also worked on reading skills through the action words, attending skills by waiting to be called on and listening to the directions, social skills by being in a large group, school-related skills by raising their hands and lining up as a class. All through a seasonal St. Patrick’s Day theme which is being carried out in multiple classrooms and therapy settings across the whole school. Why is this important? Because it gives students skills that will build their ability to be part of a classroom in their school, follow directions with families in the community, and work with others in a job someday.

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