Secret Readers

October 23, 2020

Who will be our next Secret Reader?

10.23.2020 Today we had our second Secret Reader!Matt DeCamara is the Executive Director of the Rite

Aid Foundation, and he was gracious enough to take time out of his very busy schedule to read to us today.

Matthew read The Giving Tree, first. The Giving Tree, by Shel Silverstein is a beautiful story of the friendship between a boy and a tree, and deals with the themes of generosity, friendship and compassion. The children had questions for Matt and enjoyed talking to him about the book. Then, we were delighted when he offered to also read Put Me In the Zoo, by Robert Lopshire. This fun and colorful book led to a vote afterwards of whether individual students would rather visit the zoo or the circus. The results were fairly even across the several classrooms; it seems that anywhere there are animals, our students would like to go!

Happily we were able to convert this week’s recording. Find it below!

Many thanks to Matt for reading to us. We enjoyed the visit very much!


During this COVID-affected time, so many things have changed for everyone, including Crossroads. One of the impacts is that we are restricted from having our regular volunteers come in. The children and team members here have always loved seeing them and we miss them all so much.

To make up for this temporary loss, we are working with some of our partners to implement read aloud times for the students virtually.

Today we had our very first Secret Reader! Gayle Rife is Manager of The Rite Aid Foundation . 

She oversees the KidCents Program also, which has benefited Crossroads so many times over the years. When invited she was wonderfully enthusiastic. “Personally, one of my favorite things to do is to read to my own grandchildren. There have been many evenings during these last six months in particular that I have read bedtime stories to my own little ones via FaceTime. I look forward to speaking with you and setting up time to read to the children served at Crossroads.”

Gayle read It’s Mine! by Leo Lionni which is a terrific story about 3 frogs who discovered that it’s better to share. After reading with fantastic expression, Gayle chatted with the students whose classes had joined. Students said they liked the book, and talked about how sharing keeps others from feeling sad. Gayle shared about her family and how excited she is to spend time with them and read to her beloved grandchildren. She gave the children a task, too: “When you’re playing today, think about how the characters in our book learned to share, and how you might be able to share with someone too.” One youngster commented that she is going to share and has a play-date planned with a friend.

We’re so thankful to Gayle for her time and pizzazz today!



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