Scientific Exploration in Room 12

September 26, 2017

Balloon Cars!

Science activities in this school-aged classroom are massively exciting! Room 12 made balloon-motored cars last week!

Science activities are full of opportunities for innovation, invention, and inquisition. Room 12 had such an experience recently.

First they recycled the water bottles that would become the cars’ bodies. They saved these for several days until there were enough for the class.

To build the cars, holes were put into the water bottles. A straw at the front and one at the back became axels to hold the wheels – repurposed water bottle caps.  Tape was used to secure a balloon to a straw; this was attached through one of the holes. Through the straw the balloon was blown to create a force to move the car.

The students in the class loved this activity. Their teacher, Ms. Angela, says they were so excited to see the cars go with the force of the balloon’s air, air which they had blown in.

Ms. Angela also noted that they had to struggle a bit with something while working through the activity: sometimes the car wouldn’t go! As a group they had to keep trying different things in the design of the car to see what did and didn’t work. Through this process, they discovered that the straws had to point down for the car to go.

The process of inquiring and redesigning without getting frustrated is something to be proud of.

Congratulations, Room 12, on your perseverance and great work!

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