Science in Room 11

February 07, 2019

Room 11’s most recent Science experiment taught students about chemical reactions and dissolving.

You know what happens when you mix baking soda and vinegar, right?
If you’ve done the activity once it’s memorable. You know that the chemical reaction between the two ingredients will lead to the cup running over.

Kids find this extremely awesome.
Science is needed in any classroom and for this group it seems especially important. They’ve been working really hard this year on group cooperation skills, on self-control and self-management, and these types of experiments require those skills. For the class to be conducting an experiment like this shows how much progress they’ve made this year.

The coolness factor of this experiment was boosted even further by adding food coloring. Not only are the colors cheery, but squeezing the tiny containers, the students got to work on their fine motor skills and controlling the number of drops they let out.  Remember how hard that was when YOU were 8 or 9?


Next, by pouring in the vinegar, the frothy swell of the combination was compelling. All of the students were clearly engaged.

Do you remember what it felt like when an experience like this was something new? When you didn’t already know what would happen? Or, even if you did know, maybe you’d done it before, but how cool it was to see it again. Honestly, most of the teachers still get excited when the chemical reaction occurs!



Isn’t it great that they could have this experience? To conduct an experiment, create a chemical reaction, feel the WOW of it? It’s REALLY great!


Rainbow volcanoes. Room 11. February, 2019

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