• School-Age

    Crossroads Center for children serves school-age children ages 5-12 years old. Students are placed in one of two classrooms based on their age. At the school age level students work on academic, language/communication skills, leisure skills, social skills, life skills and increasing student independence. All programming is individualized to meet each student’s needs. Although the school age program is self contained, opportunities are available for integration. The goal of Crossroads Center for Children is to prepare students for typical school activities so that they may transition to a less restrictive placement. Students learn to buy lunch and attend various field trips throughout the year.

    fk7Crossroads Center for Children has an open door policy to encourage parents to observe their child while in program and attend parent trainings. Parents can watch their child participate in related services sessions as well as daily classroom activities. At the same time therapists will teach parents the skills necessary to implement programs. This carryover promotes the generalization of skills.

    In addition, for families who chose to supplement an approved program, or for families of children who do not qualify for services, Crossroads Center for Children may be able to provide a private program through a consultation model. These services can be designed to meet the individual needs of the student and their family. In addition, Crossroads is available to provide these consultation services to help support school district personnel.

    Program Options

    Programs Available at Crossroads Center for Children