Group activities in the classroom can help form skills for school, home and life.

January 18, 2018

All around the school classroom group activities are engaging students in learning a host of skills.

Whether in preschool classrooms or school-aged ones, group activities are implemented to share theme activities as well as age appropriate lessons that can benefit the group.

Working in groups helps develop skills both for school and for life. Children learn to collaborate with others and communicate as they work together on common projects.

By engaging in group, kids improve their abilities to interact and attend. They learn to follow directions, model leaders – both peers and adults – and plan out projects for time and product or outcome.

An example of this is Room 12’s game of Mum-Ball. They had to communicate only non-verbally, training their eyes on each-other to know if they were about to catch the ball.

They learn to focus and listen to a speaker. An example is Room 11’s Learning Without Tears group. Students needed to pay attention to their teacher’s directions and then carry out various tasks such as “showing” to the group, tracing and telling about pictures.

Room 6’s group was singing and moving to the tunes of Learning Without Tears, modeling their teacher for movements and lyrics as well as each other for sitting together in a group for the activity. Another daily group activity is their circle time, when the kids learn and practice calendar skills, the pledge of allegiance, and the weather.

A color and cut group activity in Room 3 tied in O.T. goals  with learning of colors and literacy skills.

Involvement in classroom group activities also affords opportunities for participants to bridge prior learning, be introduced to diverse perspectives, and challenge assumptions. Children learn to take on roles in groups, and develop responsibilities.

This is beneficial both in school, at home and someday in the jobs they’ll hold.

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